A Message For John Boehner: Stop Defending DOMA And Create Some Jobs

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Dear Speaker Boehner,

I am writing you as a friend of Captain Steve Snyder-Hill, a brave and amazing man who is serving in Iraq. Perhaps you and your colleagues know him better as the gay soldier who was booed at the Republican debate. He is much more than that; he is a healer, a friend and a wonderful husband to Joshua Snyder-Hill.  Captain Steve Snyder-Hill deserves your thanks and respect.   Where is your patriotism?   Captain Steve Snyder-Hill is doing more for this country than you are.

Now that DADT is history you want to continue your prejudicial agenda by fighting  DOMA.  The Washington Post reports that you have raised the cap for Paul Clements to fight DOMA to $1.5 million. Why are you fighting DOMA at all? Allowing gay people to marry will not destroy the institution of marriage as so many conservatives believe.  What is destroying American marriages is the fact that couples and families are struggling every day to put food on the table, pay their bills and keep their homes.

Last November you and the rest of the current crop of Republicans were elected on a promise to create jobs. What you have actually done is introduce over 900 pieces of legislation to fight a woman’s right to choose, investigate Planned Parenthood, try to make President Obama a “one term president” (Mitch McConnell), fight President Obama’s jobs bill in favor of continuing to serve the wealthiest Americans, and now fight to defend an antiquated policy that makes no sense.

Where are all those jobs you promised, Mr. Boehner? Nowhere, because you lied last November. You knew exactly what to say to get your party the majority in Congress,  to get governors in power who would destroy their own states, and you knew exactly how far to go with the incendiary rhetoric regarding President Obama’s birth, his race, and his political views.

I think that the $1.5 million would be better spent creating jobs  but I’m just a political writer who is going to share this letter with thousands of people. What do I know, right?

What I do know is this:  you have failed this country, you have failed the men and women of the Armed Services, and most of all, you have failed the poor people who stood in line to vote for you last year.  The people deserve answers.  I urge them to write you and ask  where the jobs are and why you are spending all of your time and our money on a culture war instead of serious problems.  Those people will remember your lack of job creation in 2012.

In closing, Speaker Boehner, I assure you that in spite of all your efforts to make certain people who love each other and happen to be gay cannot get married in America  there are, thankfully,  a few places that disagree with you.

Erin M. Nanasi

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