The Truth About The 99%: An Interview With Occupy Boston

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I just guest hosted for the Ken Pittman Show on AM 1420 WBSM in Massachusetts today. During the show I lined up one of the organizers of Occupy Boston to discuss what they are protesting, who they are seeing coming to these protests and if they are in it for the long haul.

Lindsay Mise, the person who called from Dewey Square, said they are in it for the long haul, in fact he is getting ready for the winter as we speak. The most interesting part of my interview with him was his statement that they are non partisan. They honestly do not trust either party. In fact, Lindsay was thinking about supporting John Huntsman for President, but had supported Bill Richardson in the 2008 Democratic primary. He is a small business owner along with his parents and he sees that if people do not have money, he doesn’t make money. Pretty simple huh?

He understands the power and influence money has had in our political system and that is why he is there. He admitted that there are communists and anarchists, but he said he is talking to everyone to find common ground. Unfortunately, the right wing talkers, bloggers and T.V. hosts will make those fringe people a focal point at the expense of the overall movement.

I asked him if Occupy Boston is being backed by ACORN as some on the right are already beginning to throw around or that George Soros is funding them. I find that last particular accusation comical considering the are asking for donations and don’t have bus yet, like the tea party express.

Here is what I got out of the interview. They are pissed. They don’t trust monied influences in either party. They don’t trust the banks, especially the Federal Reserve and they just want fair capitalism.

Earlier in the show, I received a call from one of the regular listeners. He said he is on his way back up to Massachusetts, where he lives from New York city where he was for two days. Now I’m not sure if he was there for Occupy Wall Street, but did say he saw the protesters.

He is a HUGE Ron Paul supporter, but he mentioned something that made me think about the possibilities of this movement. He said he saw tea party members, Ron Paul supporters, union members and liberal talking, shaking hands and finding common ground….ok pick your jaws up off the ground now…you read that right.

He said that this sight gave him goosebumps. This has the possibility of becoming something that can move the nation. They are not hippies, or basement dwellers, these are people that have awaken to the fact that Wall Street has screwed America.

Wall Street has caused the CEOs of massive corporations to outsource our jobs to slave labor countries in order to increase their monthly dividend checks by one or two percent. That is why we no longer have good paying jobs. It is because Wall Street doesn’t want companies to pay workers enough to live, PERIOD.

Right, left, center, libertarian, conservative, or liberal, I believe there is a place for you in this movement. Get involved and listen to the entire interview here.

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