America Should Be Livid With The GOP For Their Anti-Jobs Agenda

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There are occasions when it is prudent to take a go-slow approach in any situation to be as certain as possible that every eventuality has been anticipated and planned for to guarantee a successful conclusion to any problem. Conversely, there are instances when expediency is required to avert a calamity whether it is in the theatre of war or the United States Congress. As more Americans find themselves out of work because their jobs were sent overseas or consumers stopped spending money, it is safe to say creating jobs is one of those times when Congress should act quickly to help the economy and the American people.

Republicans appear to have a “wait and see” approach to creating jobs because their plans of deregulation and tax cuts does little to foster a vibrant economy businesses need to begin hiring. The Republicans’ meme-of-the-month is to “create an environment” for businesses to expand and as businesses grow, they will start hiring. However, creating an environment that is conducive to growth and increased jobs will take time, and still there are no guarantees Republicans’ deregulation and corporate tax cutting plans will ever create even one job. In fact, during George W. Bush’s term as president, regulations were eliminated and the so-called job creators (read rich people) received tax cuts and very few jobs were created. Republicans will have Americans believe that this time it will be different, but returning to the environment of lax regulatory oversight and tax cuts will continue rewarding corporations, the financial industry, and the wealthy; there is nothing for American job seekers.

Let’s imagine that Republicans are successful and eliminate all environmental and financial regulations they claim are prohibiting job growth and a stronger economy. Corporations will still never bring their businesses to America because they protest paying taxes. So then, let’s also imagine that Republicans eliminate corporate and wealthy Americans’ taxes; corporations and big business still will not bring Americans’ jobs back to America. There is a reason corporations moved manufacturing and assembly jobs to China, South Korea, and India, and it is not necessarily because of environmental regulations or taxes; it is ultra-low wages. It is why some Republicans have called for eliminating the minimum wage by declaring it is unconstitutional, and until Americans are willing to work for between $122.31 – $201.81 per month like Chinese workers, there is no viable reason for corporations to relocate their facilities back to America.

The problem with jobs in America is not wages, but a lack of consumer spending. Although corporations are undoubtedly evil to the core, they are beginning to feel economic pain because Americans are not purchasing. All businesses, regardless of size, are never going to expand and hire new workers until there are people to buy their products. It is why President Obama’s jobs bill is so important to the economy. When the unemployment numbers improve, newly hired Americans will begin purchasing goods and when inventories decrease, corporations and businesses will have a reason to start hiring. It is such a simple concept that seems to elude single-minded Republicans who fail to listen to the real job creators who say it is not high taxes or regulations that are hurting business, it is no purchasing. A McClatchy survey of small businesses owners (under 500 employees) last month reported that President Obama’s first stimulus boosted their business and they advocate for a new, and much bigger stimulus. Their reasoning was based on their observations that as more Americans had money to spend, their businesses improved.

Republicans are not concerned with creating jobs regardless the damage to corporations or small businesses. If they were, they would stop talking about creating an environment for businesses to grow. Americans need jobs now; not 3-5 years from now when Republicans have killed environmental regulations, eliminated taxes on corporate profits, and eradicated minimum wages. There is a simple reference as to how effective Republicans’ creating an environment for job creation and economic growth really is and it is not only Bush’s record of economic malfeasance;. although that proves what does not work. During the Clinton Administration, environmental regulations were strengthened and enforced and wealthy Americans paid 3% higher taxes than during Bush’s term. The results are indisputable and Clinton’s era was the greatest economic growth period since Eisenhower was president.

The American people should be livid that Republicans, and some so-called conservative Democrats, are unwilling to support the president’s jobs bill. They claim that spending on jobs is dangerous, but they have not yet proved how curtailing spending will help the economy or create one job because they cannot. Republicans have proposed spending cuts that had no effect on job creation, but they did kill millions of Americans’ jobs. It is time for Republicans to stop trying to create an environment to help businesses and create jobs, and actually create some jobs. The first stimulus created 3.3 million jobs and started an economic recovery, and another much larger stimulus paid for by raising taxes on the wealthy will create more jobs, stimulate economic growth, and help pay down the nation’s debt.

The time for reticence and creating an environment for businesses to expand and start hiring Americans is when the economy is not in peril. President Obama’s jobs plan is relatively immediate and is a balanced approach that will create millions of jobs and boost the economy in the process. It would seem prudent that corporations and small businesses would embrace the president’s proposal because Americans would begin spending again, but there has been relative silence except for the McClatchy small business survey that showed the problem is a lack of consumer spending; not regulations or taxes. However, unless Republicans are willing to help Americans, there is little hope the economy or the jobs picture will ever improve. Apparently, Republicans need time to think about ways to create an environment for growth and jobs, and by not doing anything, they have given themselves plenty of time to create an environment that produces higher unemployment, more Americans living in poverty, and business failures because Americans are so destitute, they cannot purchase anything.

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