Rush Limbaugh Flips Out, ‘The Next President Could Come From (Occupy Wall St)’

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On his radio show today Rush Limbaugh called Occupy Wall Street human debris and parasites, but he also worried that the next president could come from this movement.

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

Limbaugh said, “When I was 10 years old I was more self-sufficient than this parade of human debris calling itself Occupy Wall Street. No, I was in the Scouts yeah, Boy Scouts for a while, no Cub Scout for a while, I even got some badges. I was a Boy Scout for a year I was a Tenderfoot for a year, I hated it, didn’t like it. Went on one camping trip got the gold brick award for worst most useful guy on the camping trip. I would probably fit in with this group…my parents made me join. I didn’t want to join, so I went to the top of this mountain I watched everybody else build the tents, and put the leaves on them. I got the gold brick. It was an honor, but I never once advertised that I was a parasite like these people are doing.

He continued, “If you look at the minutes and read their website these people are announcing that they are parasites. They are not self-sufficient, and they are totally dependent on what people are protesting, who in the world hits their own sleeping bags and has a board of directors meeting for an hour before they decide this much. I wouldn’t doubt if we’re not careful the next president of this country is going to come out of this group.”

Here are some things we learned about Rush Limbaugh:

1). He was too lazy to be a Boy Scout.

2). He has always been selfish.

3). He admitted that he is a parasite.

Without realizing it, Rush Limbaugh also provided his listeners insight into the mindset of the one percent when he said that it is okay to be a parasite as long as you don’t advertise it. I would also add that the wealthy believe that they have a right to engage in economically parasitic behavior because they are rich. This is the same mindset that glorifies the term job creator. It is the mindset that believes that tax cuts for the rich create jobs, and it also allows them to hold the beliefs the problem really is government regulation, and that everyone else isn’t rich because they are lazy.

The truth also slipped out of Limbaugh’s mouth when he warned that the next president could come out of this group of people who are currently Occupying Wall Street. Limbaugh and his ilk are scared. They have good reason to be frightened of the Occupy Wall Street message. History shows that when those at the bottom start to speak out and take action against the corruption and oppression at the top, popular movements are born and change occurs.

All conservatives fear change, but today’s wealthy conservatives feel like they are entitled to suck the rest of us dry. The people who are Occupying Wall Street aren’t parasites. They are regular Americans who have seen our political and economic systems used as a weapon against them. These people aren’t leeching off the wealthy. They are the reason why the wealthy have been successful. Whether the 1% want to admit or not, they couldn’t have gotten to where they are today without the rest of us. Our society enabled them to get rich.

The real parasites aren’t the protesters. The true parasites are those people who crashed the economy, begged the American people for a handout, and promptly then resumed making a profit off the economic misfortune they caused. The parasites are people like Rush Limbaugh who refuse to pay their fair share.

If we are likely, someday we will have a government that shares the values of Occupy Wall Street. Maybe someday, the people will once again occupy Washington.

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