Eric Cantor Screws The Jobless And Remains The Worst Congressman In America

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There are times when decorum and goodwill in politics become so onerous that even the most sedate observer must say enough and address outrageous behavior with candor and conviction. For the past nine months, Republicans have deliberately opposed any measures that create jobs or help America’s struggling economy despite their promise to make job creation their highest priority. The Republicans’ Draconian spending cuts would have cost millions of jobs, and the deficit reduction frenzy did nothing to help the economy and in fact, was responsible for S&P’s decision to downgrade America’s stellar credit rating because Republicans refused to take a balanced approach of spending cuts with revenue increases. Throughout the 112th Congress, Republicans have portrayed President Obama as an ineffective leader who is responsible for the nation’s debt as well as the sluggish economy and high unemployment numbers.

The president has attempted to work with Republicans to help the economy and it has not paid off except for securing a 13 month unemployment benefit extension and an increase in the nation’s debt ceiling. Republicans have obstructed the president and Democrats’ attempts at creating jobs 15 times because they want more Americans destitute and are hopeful that their policies will increase the number of Americans living in poverty. So far, they have been very successful at keeping the economy stagnate and millions of Americans jobless and instead of feeling shame, they are rejoicing over the horrible conditions they have caused. It does not matter which Republican in Congress one examines, they are all vile human beings who are fortunate millions of Americans don’t converge on their offices to physically throw them out on the street where they belong.

John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are liars of the first order and master obstructionists, but it is Eric Cantor who may be the worst congressman in America. Cantor has shown his abject contempt for the American people every time he opens his mouth; he is undoubtedly a master fellatrix. Cantor is a callous piece of garbage who demanded that any disaster relief for victims of tornados, flooding, and hurricanes be offset by spending cuts to programs that help the poor and elderly. His heartlessness at denying disaster relief even touched his constituents and it is curious why the vile little maggot did not face a recall election. Now he says Republicans are not going to vote on the president’s jobs bill because the GOP representatives have their own plan that features deregulation as its main job-creating policy.

During a meeting with reporters on Monday, when Cantor was asked if the President’s jobs bill was dead, he answered yes, and then he said, “It would be a lot more helpful for the president to focus on areas of commonality rather than targeting House Republicans through campaign-style tactics and perhaps he can start compromising with us.” What? Perhaps President Obama can start compromising with you? The president has compromised with Republicans at every turn and the lying dog Cantor knows it. For Republicans, compromise means President Obama must obey the worthless Republicans, and suggesting the president start compromising is the most ire-inspiring statement Cantor has made. He was either pandering to the Republican faithful who are too cognitively challenged to look back at the past two-and-a-half years to analyze for themselves whether or not President Obama compromised with Republicans in Congress, or he is so used to lying for the sake of lying that he thought it would be clever to assail the President for not compromising.

When the President first announced his plan to jumpstart the economy and create jobs, Cantor said “Anything that is akin to the stimulus bill is not going to be acceptable to the American people.” According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the first stimulus created 3.3 million jobs and business owners said it was the biggest boost to their businesses they have seen in many years. Cantor does not speak for the American people, and millions of unemployed Americans would most likely dispute Cantor’s assertion that Americans prefer to stay unemployed rather than accept a good-paying job building roads, bridges, schools, and hospitals the President’s jobs bill will produce. Cantor is just a vile little piece of work and there is other way to frame it. He touts Republican’s jobs plans that includes more tax breaks for the job-killing rich people as well as environmental deregulation to help the oil industry.

There are no Republicans worthy of representing the American people because they are vile human beings, but Cantor is the worst. He is a liar, a contemptible manipulator, and the king of all fellators in America. Sure, McConnell, Boehner, and the rest of the Libertarians posing as Republicans are worthless maggots, but Cantor is a perpetual piece of garbage. He could have spouted his deregulation and tax break memes all day long, and it would have been just Cantor being Cantor, but when the Gumby-looking, excrement-eating liar said President Obama should compromise with Republicans, he went too far and has inspired disgust, rage, and an honest appraisal that finds Eric Cantor is the worst congressional representative in America, and to top it off, he hates the American people.

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