Abby Johnson Lies about Planned Parenthood Serving the Father of Lies

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Abby Johnson - Lying Shamelessly for Christ

What gives?  We’ve got this supposed war on the Judeo-Christian tradition (whatever that is) but at the same time that perennial bogeyman, Planned Parenthood, is being accused of consorting with Satan by anti-abortion advocate Abby Johnson. The problem is, in Jewish tradition, Satan was originally YHWH’s lieutenant, his henchman, so to speak, doing his bidding. He’s not an agent of ultimate evil.

Just read Job and see for yourself. Read Genesis, and see that the snake in the Garden of Eden is just a damn snake. Christians have to cite the New Testament to prove the snake is Satan…so much for a Judeo-Christian tradition. You can see what trumps what.

Wouldn’t you suppose the authors of Genesis knew what they wanted to say? Yeah, well…that’s why it’s the OLD Testament, as in replaced by the TRUTH of the New. There goes poor Satan under the chariot, so to speak. Hell, there wasn’t even originally a hell – all the dead people, good and bad alike, went to Sheol.

So back to our problem: is Abby Johnson accusing Planned Parenthood of working with God, through his agent, Satan? If so, isn’t that a good thing?

Ashley Lopez at the Florida Independent tells us that Abby Johnson was talking to a group of fellow bigots at a Care Net Central Florida conference. Care Net, of course, is the organization behind many of the nation’s so-called crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs). Of course, the true purpose of these CPCs are to proselytize – “to share the love and truth of Jesus Christ” as they say.

Apparently, however, not the truth of the “Judeo-Christian” tradition in which Satan isn’t a bad guy at all.

Nor the truth about medicine, as it turns out. And yes, they do take tax payer money to fund their lying ways. As the Florida Independent reports, they “use inaccurate medical information to persuade women to not have an abortion” – spreading lies about false symptoms like clinical depression, drug and alcohol abuse, PTSD and even suicide.

The truth of Jesus Christ apparently – for Care Net and Abby Johnson, at least – being a big fat lie.

Boy, how they hate the federal government unless it’s funding those lies.

And lies are, after all, the tool of Satan, so they say, the Father of Lies. So who is really serving good and who is really serving evil? It would seem that as so often happens, Christian fundamentalists have turned the truth on its head.

If there is a Satan and if as they claim Satan is a bad guy and not a good guy, then it is clear it is Abby Johnson and her ilk who are on the side of the Enemy.

Johnson is the worst sort – a fanatic recent convert and former director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas. So now she’s claiming, paradoxically, it would seem that Planned Parenthood is bad because they’re working with Satan. “We are competing with one of the largest industries in the country, and the most evil.”

Really? So YHWH is evil? Satan is his guy, after all.  Yet Johnson tried to rally a thousand of her future inquisitors by telling them that they were “born to fight against the enemy” and that they will ultimately win.

Evil has shown its true face, however, and Abby Johnson wants to be its poster child.

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