The Invisible 99%: Sunday Morning Talk Shows Ignore Occupy Wall Street

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The five Sunday morning talk shows on CBS, Fox, CNN, NBC, and ABC devoted zero segments with zero guests to Occupy Wall Street today. To the media inside the Beltway, the 99% do not exist.

A day after over 700 protesters were arrested during a march over the Brooklyn Bridge, the five network Sunday morning news shows virtually ignored the story. The only program that the arrests were even mentioned on was ABC’s This Week, “More than 700 demonstrators protesting corporate greed, among other issues, were arrested last night on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. The grassroots movement has swamped Wall Street for more than two weeks now.”

What was more important than thousands of Americans taking to the street to protest greed and corruption?

CNN’s State of the Union spent their time allowing Dick and Liz Cheney to rewrite the history of both 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq. Fox News and This Week were hyping up the latest corporate media creation, the revived presidential candidacy of Herman Cain. The media created the rebirth of Cain story after the candidate won a non-binding Florida straw poll, which became a story after the corporate media decided that the meaningless poll did in fact, mean something.

The other media generated story is the speculation over a potential Chris Christie 2012 presidential campaign. All the talk shows spent some time talking about Christie even though he isn’t even running. CBS’ Face The Nation trotted out John McCain to talk about Chris Christie, Libya, and DADT, and Meet The Press gave us a couple of governors and a roundtable discussing the 2012 election.

To summarize instead of covering Occupy Wall Street, the Sunday morning shows decided to cover two relics from the Bush administration (Dick and Liz Cheney), The failed Republican nominee from 2008 (John McCain), a current presidential candidate who has no chance of winning anything (Herman Cain), and a man who isn’t even a 2012 candidate, (Chris Christie). The corporate media deemed all of these people more worthy of airtime and discussion than Occupy Wall Street.

The media doing their best to make sure that the message of the 99% is not heard, but they are running out of excuses. More Americans are showing up every day to occupy Wall Street. The movement is not shrinking. It is growing. The corporate media can only keep up the deception for so long. Soon the protests will grow so large that even they can’t ignore them.

Currently most of the mainstream publicity about Occupy Wall Street centers on police brutality or protester arrests. MSNBC’s prime time lineup has started to take notice of the protests , but only Keith Olbermann’s Countdown has been providing nightly updates about the protests themselves. Occupy Wall Street has gone from no media coverage to minimal media coverage, but the mainstream media is not reporting the message behind the protests.

The beauty of Occupy Wall Street is that it doesn’t need television to spread the message. Thousands of Americans are spreading the word every day. Whether it is by social media or word of mouth, these protests are growing because those who have been lulled in a comatose state of dejection and despair since the crash of 2008 are being shaken away by thousands of Americans standing up together and saying no more.

Herman Cain and his irrelevant side show can only distract for so long. Millions of Americans who are unemployed and fighting for their survival could care less whether Chris Christie runs for president or declares himself a participant on a future season of The Biggest Loser. What the corporate Beltway media doesn’t get is the reality television show that is the race for the 2012 GOP nomination means nothing when you have no job and on the verge losing your home.

The Sunday morning talk shows illustrate that the media would rather cover the stories they create (Cain and Christie) than what is really going on in America.

The corporate media will continue to ignore the message of Occupy Wall Street. The 99% don’t exist to them, so anyone who believes in the message behind behind these protests must share it themselves.

The corporate media is part of the problem, and millions of voices speaking together will be the solution.


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