Extremist Christians Use The Bible To Justify Their Hatred Of Obama

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One of the beautiful aspects of the Constitution is the right of free speech. There are, of course, instances of inflammatory speech that many Americans believe should be censored, but the right of free expression cannot be stopped regardless of bad taste or the incendiary nature characteristic of fanatical personalities. Many right-wing extremists like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Sarah Palin have made names for themselves by spouting pernicious opinions about President Obama and although their comments are never true, their rabid followers believe them as if they issued forth directly from the mouth of god. There are right-wing-nut-jobs who consistently level myriad accusations at President Obama that typify a lunatic fringe, but there are dangers when Jesus-freaks-of-nature have a national audience of equally moronic disciples.

One such maniac is Jeffrey Kuhner, and in a recent opinion piece he wrote that, “President Obama is on the verge of achieving his liberal revolution. His goal is to destroy our Judeo-Christian culture and replace it  with European-style radical secularism.” Well, those are fairly lofty goals, even for President Obama. On its face, Kuhner’s accusation is the epitome of insanity, but it is his twisted analysis of how Obama is pursuing the destruction of Kuhner’s Judeo-Christian culture that is typical of a schizophrenic rant; it certainly did not come from a rational human being. According to Kuhner, President Obama is using the Affordable Health Act as a means of “rapidly advancing the culture of death – abortion, contraception, and homosexual marriage” that will determine “whether America survives as a Judeo-Christian nation.” Kuhner, like most hard-line Christian extremists, claims that without a “common moral code and Christian heritage, there will be no social glue to hold us together any longer.

Apparently, Kuhner went on his evangelical rant at the news the Department of Health and Human Services considered adding contraceptives to the list of medicines covered by insurers. Kuhner’s objection to contraceptives is based on the notion that they violate the natural moral order; whatever that means. What it means to Christian extremists is that all Americans are duty-bound to adhere to the Catholic Church’s prohibition on contraception and since the ascendance of the hateful personhood amendments in many states, anti-contraception advocates have been emboldened to force their dysfunctional morality on every woman in America. In fact, in assailing President Obama and the health law, Kuhner asserts that the law assaults traditional America and consolidates the sexual revolution of the 1960s when the left began its war with Christianity. Kuhner repeats ad nauseum the notion that the left is at war with Christianity, and if he means Christianity’s imposition of its Dark Age rules and regulations based on ancient Jewish mythology, then he is correct. Like most fanatical Christian extremists, Kuhner ignores the fact that America has this founding document called the Constitution that guarantees all Americans freedom of religion and by extension, freedom from religion; especially the Christian religion.

There is no leftist war to destroy Christianity, but there should be a way to stop the advancement of Christian imposition of the bible on Americans. Kuhner said that “liberals want to create a world without god,” and that “sexual permissiveness is their battering ram.” He also said that “promoting widespread contraception is essential to forging a pagan society based on consequence-free sex.”  Okay, it is obvious that Kuhner suffers from sexual dysfunction because he is obsessed with sex as the means to destroying civilizations, and his conspiracy theory would be laughable if he were standing on a street corner ranting at passersby, but his rants attract fanatical Christians who are apt to believe his sophistry; therein lies the problem.

There are many devotees of the Christian faith that are searching for any reason to hate President Obama, and cooks like Kuhner, Bachmann, and many Republicans have used the contraception issue to portray the president as promoting government-funded abortions. Contraception is not abortion, and the decision to use contraception is not the purview of any man, woman, or malcontent Christian, but the woman or man who chooses them. People like Kuhner would impose forced-birth on happily married couples, many of them devout Christians, because it is their personal religious belief. America is not a theocracy and the bible is not the Constitution. For the record, the bible makes no mention of contraceptives and it is the Catholic Church that has promulgated the notion that intercourse without pregnancy is a sin. The anti-contraception crowd are ultimately interfering with the personal lives of married couples and singles alike, and it smacks of the Taliban.

Kuhner has every right to express his antiquated biblical viewpoints, but to assail the president as using the health law to destroy America is going too far. There can be legitimate criticism of the health law, but using it to frighten superstitious Christians already fearful of a Black man in the Oval Office is nothing more than baseless fear-mongering. What is more dangerous is the Christian-inspired assault on a woman’s right to choose her own reproductive health, and with Republicans panting to defund and destroy Planned Parenthood, women face an angry, Christian Crusade to force birth on every woman in America. Kuhner must comprehend that contraceptive use among Christians is statistically the same as non-Christians. He must also know that President Obama has stated numerous times he is against abortion but realizes it is a woman’s choice. That is the difference between Christian crusaders and liberals; liberals believe religion is a personal choice; the crusaders make the choice for all  Americans. The Constitution prohibits religious imposition in any form but as evangelical maniacs gain power and influence, they are forcing their superstitious beliefs on the entire population.

Whatever Kuhner’s personal dysfunction is, he needs to stop fear mongering to engender hatred for the president. If he wants to criticize President Obama, he can at least address reality and not the voices in his head. Americans have become used to religious crackpots and televangelists pushing their conspiracy theories about the dangers of secularism, but to use fallacious conspiracies based on lies about the president is going above and beyond conspiracy theories. Kuhner is a hard-line Christian extremist whose baseless attacks on the president are getting old, and Americans are growing weary of evangelical liars portraying President Obama as the purveyor of death and destruction of Christianity. President Obama has never intimated that he is against Christianity; perhaps Kuhner has confused Obama with this author who is against extremist Christian fundamentalism because it is dangerous to freedom, women, and gays. It is, like Jeffrey Kuhner, the greatest threat to democracy since the founding of this secular nation.

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