Who’s Your Daddy, GOP? His Name is Barack Hussein Obama

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Republicans Take Offense to Obama’s Competence Because It Shows Them Up for What They Are

When you don’t believe in government, it behooves you to do government badly. That about sums up the problems of the modern day Republican party, from 9/11 to Iraq to WMD to Katrina, Republicans only believe in the federal government when it comes to defense spending, but that’s not because they know how to keep us safe; they love defense spending because it’s their form of red state welfare, and as an added bonus, they can funnel the money to private contractors.

Republicans love to cling to their idea of themselves as big daddies keeping America safe, but reality paints a different picture. Republicans are very comfy painting a Democratic President with the brush of “weak”, and frequently accuse this president of leading from behind.

If Obama leads from behind, how would we identify Republican style leadership: Flounder, foul, flail and fear? While their guy sat frozen in a classroom reading My Pet Goat as this country was attacked, having already ignored the intel warning of the attack, President Obama has been kicking some major ass for quite some time.

President Obama is not leading from behind. Perhaps the Republicans can’t see this because their perspective is skewed from being on their knees for so long praising their Too Big To Fail god and worshiping at the Koch brothers altar. President Obama is so damn good at his job that he has, in two and a half years, done what the Republicans failed to do in eight.

Here’s a rather impressive list from Jake Tapper of terrorists killed under Obama, which Tapper closed by noting, “Remember when Rudy Giuliani warned that electing Barack Obama would mean that the U.S. played defense, not offense, against the terrorists? If this is defense, what does offense look like?”

And that question, put forth by a member of the main stream media, is the reason Republicans are always throwing another firebomb of distraction into the dialogue. “Don’t look at our record, look over here at the Ground Zero Mosque!” The willing foot soldiers in the Koch brother funded Tea Party, instructed via Fox News about exactly how they are supposed to feel today, then get on stage for the big show, which the media eats up because it’s so visual, it’s so now, and it’s so fun. Yes, they know that we’re laughing at those tea bag laden hats, just like we laugh at Snookie and Sarah Palin. But we watch.

Obama got Osama. In fact, he got a whole list of terrorists. That hurt. Then there’s the pirates. Let’s not even go there because everyone knows a cowboy is supposed to be able to get a pirate and talking about this will only make the little boys on the Right throw another tantrum.

The reason Republicans always sound so petty and juvenile these days is because Obama has shown them up to be the incompetent, bad actors they have been. And he had the good grace not to throw it in their face, which only insulted them more, as they were supposed to be the party of grown ups.

They try to paint him as having spent like a “liberal” and thereby jacking up our debt, when they know that the debt was incurred under their boy, who left 2 wars, a Medicare Part D drug program and the Bush tax cuts off the budget. They never had a plan to pay for those things – just ran them up on the Republican Daddy credit card while they handed out entitlements to buy votes.

I know, that’s exactly what they accuse Democrats of doing. But guess who Daddy turned out to be? Guess who paid the bills that Georgie and his frat buddies charged? It sure as heck isn’t a Republican.

The guy who paid and is paying the Republicans bills is the same guy who led the charge to get the bad guys in order to keep us safe. Turns out, Big Daddy isn’t a Republican. Turns out, he is one bad ass mo-fo who manages to carry himself with the affable, easy-going confidence of the truly competent. He can do in half a term what Republicans could not in two full terms.

The President pwns Republicans on a daily basis, and just like all sour, immature losers, Republicans can’t take it. Their only solution is, like the petulant little fools they are, to yell, “You lie!” and obstruct anything that would be good for the country, while hoping no one notices that this President has made them look like the doddering, pandering, ineffectual fools they are.

Who’s your daddy, Republicans? His name is Barack Hussein Obama, he is your President, and he owned you long before you even knew what hit you.

Kneel down and show some f-ing respect, boys.

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