Van Jones Praises Occupy Wall Street As The Onset Of An American Autumn

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Van Jones lit up this week’s Real Time with Bill Maher as he told all Americans why they should be proud of, and supporting Occupy Wall Street.

Here is the video:

Jones said,

You know what is so impressive… you were talking about an Arab Spring. We could be on the verge of American Autumn. These young people are so impressive. They are out there. They are speaking for millions of people. These banksters are some of the worst people in the world. They’re horrible people, because they would be homeless if they were treated based on their performance. The American people stood up and bailed them out. We stood up. Taxpayers and homeowners gave them money to keep them in business.

They won’t even return the phone calls of American homeowners now trying to get their mortgages redone, students with student loans who need help. Give me a break, I can’t a job. I got a two year unpaid internship. They won’t even return their phone calls so these people have gone to the scene of the crime against our future, Wall Street. So now you’ve got this face off between some of the most selfish people in American politics and some of the most selfless, and I think we should stand with them. I’m so proud of them. I don’t know what to do with myself.

I am sure that some on the right who still believe Glenn Beck’s crap about Jones will use this as evidence that Occupy Wall Street is really nothing more than the march of the union thug socialists/Marxists, but they are wrong.

Occupy Wall Street isn’t left or right. Their message is not partisan, but when it comes to messaging the organizers of these protests have a dual problem. The conservative movement in this country has gone so far to the right that any movement that discusses the non-partisan issues of corruption and greed gets labeled as a leftist gathering. Secondly, the media covers these issues from through a narrow left/right prism. The media labels everything and tries to fit in a box labeled left or right.

The reason why the mainstream media can’t figure out the message of Occupy Wall Street is because it doesn’t fit into their frame. Liberals and Libertarians are involved in Occupying Wall Street. This isn’t a partisan protest. The message is bigger than partisan politics. Republicans will attack Occupy Wall Street and the corporatist Democrats that make up most of the congressional caucus will continue to ignore it.

Van Jones is correct. The thousands of protesters around the country who are joining the occupy movement deserve more than our praise. They deserve our support.

Republican, Democrat, or Independent, unless you are part of the 1%, you are the other 99%. It’s is time for everyone to put party labels aside and take back control of our nation from the moneyed interests.

It is time to Occupy America.

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