Why The Tea Party Should Join Occupy Wall Street

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The catalyst that brought the original tea party together was the Wall Street bailout in 2008. This was before the tea party lost it’s focus and was hi-jacked by the right wing and began protesting teachers, firemen, and police officers in states like Wisconsin and even Massachusetts.

The purpose of Occupy Wall Street right now is to focus on the problem that started the bailouts. The unwavering influences of money in politics and our government. Millions of dollars are spent by Wall Street to lobby and donate to political parties and politicians in order to influence their votes.

The voice of the average person can not and will not be heard over rushing waters of campaign donations. Wall Street writes our laws and regulations. Wall Street then infiltrates the watchdog, the SEC, meaning Wall Street regulates itself. That is in essence the problem with our political system and the focus of the Occupiers.

This is also where the Tea Party and the Occupiers of Wall Street have common ground. The rank and file tea party members want to keep Medicare and Social Security. It is their pseudo-leaders who want to abolish it. I can guarantee that not one tea party congressman would have won if they would have ran on a privatize Medicare and Social Security platform.

The occupiers of Wall Street want to eliminate the monied interests in our government. They do not want to usurp democracy as some have been saying. They want a true democracy where it is the people’s voice that is heard and the lobbyist’s cash flow is not part of the decision making process.

There is a common thread between the two political movements, although some want a social safety net that is stronger and others want a smaller government. The bottom line is simple, let the people’s voice be heard, not just the campaign donations to political parties and their candidates.

Their other common ground is the outsourcing of jobs. This is where the tea party and the Occupiers may differ a little on philosophy, but the bottom line is that Wall Street is the cause of all outsourcing of publicly traded corporations.

It is their greed that has forced millions of Americans to lose their jobs, so the few one percenters can get a larger dividend check. Remember where these companies move. They move to countries that have low wage and in some cases use slave prison labor to make our goods, rather than pay an American salary.

That is really the ultimate cause of all outsourcing. It isn’t really the CEO, they are just told to increase the value of their stock prices for the one percenters. The Wall Street lobbyists have written our trade laws to benefit themselves, not the 99% of Americans.

Let’s get Wall Street out of our government and let the people back in, and that is where I believe the two political movements can really make effective change.

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