Republicans Release A Budget That Would Kill Thousands of Jobs and Create 0

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In every aspect of government, there are absolutes people count on to maintain a semblance of continuity and order; without them, uncertainty would eventually lead to doubt that could engender a lack of confidence in the country’s leaders. Democrats are inclined to support social programs that benefit the greatest number of people and they are reliable supporters of education, healthcare, and labor movements because they benefit nearly all Americans. The American people can depend on Democrats to give attention to the poor, who through no fault of their own, are least apt to have a voice in policies that affect their well-being and it informs the humanitarian nature of Democrats. Republicans are predictable in working solely for the wealthiest Americans and corporations, and they are infamous for oppressing minorities, women, gays, and the needy because they do not have the means to hand out large campaign contributions to GOP candidates and members of Congress.

The current batch of Republicans in the 112th Congress have not disappointed their wealthy benefactors, and they have predictably assailed the groups mentioned above and recently signaled their intent to expand their cut and slash agenda on Americans desperate for a respite from GOP malfeasance. The newest budget proposal from Republicans verifies their hatred of education and healthcare for all but the wealthy, and their perpetual campaign to break labor unions enters a new phase at the Federal level.  The House Republicans released a draft proposal of their 2012 budget that is close to Democrats version in dollars, but their cuts challenge  President Obama on labor rules, healthcare reforms, and his signature education program.

The Republican plan spares public school Title 1 and special education assistance programs, and they acquiesced to the president’s request for an increase to the Head Start program; that is the good news. The bad news is that the Republicans are not kind to low-income students looking forward to continuing their education at the college level. The bill institutes tougher eligibility standards  in order to qualify for $5,500 in Pell Grants that will most likely disqualify thousands of low-income college students from receiving the important tuition assistance. Republicans are also proposing deep cuts in aid to Hispanic education institutions to keep Latinos from getting the same education as their white counterparts. In a direct slap at President Obama, Republicans propose wiping out the Race to the Top education initiative to prevent low-performing schools from receiving funding to hire and train teachers;  eliminating the President’s education program will affect poor and minority students primarily. Very predictable and very costly to education.

The Republicans’ bill is also typically harsh on Americans who lack basic healthcare coverage by both blocking the Obama Administration from moving forward with health care reforms as well as rescinding $8.6 billion in related appropriations that were authorized in the Affordable Care Act. Since the Republicans could not repeal the legally passed health law, they proceeded with their plans of defunding it as promised and expected. It is not news to Americans that Republicans want to restrict 30 to 40 million Americans from securing basic health insurance, because in the conservative’s Draconian mindset, healthcare is a privilege reserved for the special people who can afford exorbitant premiums. It is predictable that Republicans approve of letting millions of Americans without basic health insurance suffer poor health and eventually die, and it is what vile Republicans  advocated for the past two years. Now that they control funding in the House, they are instituting their version of death panels on a grand scale.

It is well-known that Republicans hate the labor movement, and to prove the level of contempt they have for the National Labor Relations Board, the Republicans reduced its budget by 17%. The labor movement-hating GOP also adds many funding restrictions to block union elections and organizing activities in their ever-present attempts at breaking labor unions.

The despicable Republicans demonstrated their cowardice by releasing their 2012 budget proposals on Thursday because it was a religious holiday and the middle of a recess so the public would be in the dark as to the GOP’s intended cuts. The media will certainly not expose the Republicans education and healthcare cuts because they are an extension of the Republican Party like Fox News.

The education cuts are part of an ongoing assault on students. When the President’s jobs bill was released, Eric Cantor said Republicans would not support infusing $30 billion for repairing and updating technology for a third of the nation’s aging public schools. He also said his caucus would not support a $35 billion program to hire and retain as many as 250,000 school teachers, police officers, and firefighters because Republicans hate stimulus spending that creates much needed new jobs. In fact, the Republican budget cuts to education and health care will not create one job and will certainly kill hundreds-of-thousands of current jobs as well as potential new construction and technology jobs rebuilding public schools would bring.

Republicans have controlled the House since January, and although they promised job creation was their highest priority during the 2010 midterm campaigns, they have not created one single job and have in fact been responsible for eliminating millions of jobs. The Republicans have shown they will not do anything to help the economy or create jobs and apparently, they are proud of their achievements. Their staunch supporters in the tea party and GOP are split between being elated at Republican job-killing measures and angry they have not killed more Americans’ jobs.

It is curious just how far Republicans are going to proceed decimating the economy and jobs before their supporters say enough. It seems that just when one thinks they cannot possibly sink any lower, they attempt to eliminate adequate health care and education funding out of sheer contempt and to spite President Obama. If Americans do not rise up in protest against more typically vile Republican behavior, they will continue until there is nothing left of this country.

The Republicans persist in claiming their drastic education and healthcare cuts are necessary because they say America is broke, but they find plenty of money for the oil industry, Israel’s military, and tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans. Their actions and agendas are predictable, but it does not make them right; but for Republicans, doing what is right is not their goal. Their goal is to  hurt as many Americans as possible and they have succeeded marvelously. It is easy to imagine their delight at causing harm to millions of Americans because they have become so proficient at it; and very predictable.

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