The Media Shows Their True Colors by Butter-ing Up the Tea Party

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Butter, Jen Garner

It’s a political movie, but it spoofs real life. Or what we in America have, after 3 million dollar of Koch brother money getting lost in the Tea Party, been forced to pretend is real. Anyway, it has the media critics super mad.

The long awaited Tea Party satire film Butter is coming your way October 21. Jennifer Garner plays Laura Pickler, loosely based on Palin/Bachmann. Laura carries a grudge that people are hatin’ on her because she’s white, pretty and tall. A talented, young, orphaned black girl challenges Laura in an Iowa town’s annual butter carving competition. No, Paula Deen is not in this movie; this is a movie about a mean, nasty, privileged woman.

Outraged at being challenged by anyone, let alone someone whom she feels may garner sympathy support, the put-upon Laura lectures the audience that they shouldn’t vote for “who is the more disadvantaged.” Laura then goes full tilt white resentment that no one should hate her for being born tall, white and pretty, because of course, that is the only reason anyone might not vote for her butter sculpture. And they say union members are entitled.

I am pretty sure it’s lost on the Bachmann/Palins of the world, but if we were to vote for the most disadvantaged person, it would indubitably and rather soul-killingly entail voting for one of them.

Butter is a Jim Field Smith helmed satire of the Tea Party, put out by an award season hopeful Weinstein. Here’s the clip:

Butter Clip by teasertrailer

I bet the Tea Party didn’t think anyone saw through their none-too-subtle constant moving of the goal posts, “don’t vote for the talented one, vote for who deserves it the most” (and they say white privilege is dead!) and if you don’t vote for Sarah/Michele it’s because you hate her because she’s white and beautiful and that is SO unfair.

What are the odds that at some point the Jen character says she isn’t a racist because she has black friends? Don’t ask me why; these things just come to me.

The Hollywood Reporter
jumped right on the Defend the Tea Party bus, writing, “Having a taste for Butter depends almost entirely on whether you find the comedy of condescension and ridicule a hoot or a very cheap form of amusement. This satire on self-righteous, homily-spewing Red Staters and the cutthroat world of butter carving trades almost entirely on making jokes at the expense of others, most of all an obsessed, venal woman who could pass as a kissin’ cousin to either of the two most prominent female Republican figures of the moment.”

I love it when the Hollywood Reporter comes to the defense of land they can only imagine is truly full of butter festivals — the Midwest! It’s probably gonna shock them, but having grown up in Real America, I can assure them that not everyone in the Midwest is a Tea Partier. Some of us actually read. Also, too, we are smart enough to enjoy a good satire, even at our own expense. Really. Just like y’all like to make those self-indulgent movies making fun of Hollywood because it helps you feel smarter than the Man. It’s OK, we get that the whole condescension thing can be tricky.

A confused reporter for Movie Fanatic wants us to believe that Butter is a satire about the Democratic primary of 2008. Yes, it can’t be about Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann. I must have missed the part where Hillary Clinton and her supporters suggested that anyone who didn’t vote for her hated her because she is beautiful. I don’t remember her suggesting that God had spoken to her to tell her she was Chosen for the Office. Sometimes I feel like I live in a strange land….

Just who is the target of the scathing Butter? Well, Harvey Weinstein invited Michele Bachmann to the Iowa premiere. Gosh, that’s almost clear. Let’s check out his statement:

“I would like to take this moment to formally invite Republican Congresswoman from Minnesota and Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann to co-host with me the big premiere of Butter in Iowa in a few months from now….I would, of course, be more than happy to fly in the other leading members of the Tea Party movement to make an entire day of it. We could take some math classes in the morning to help balance the budget, brush up on the Constitution in the afternoon, play some ping-pong, and then maybe some verbal ping-pong on gay rights and women’s rights (especially the right to choose).”

Can you give us another hint, Harvey, ‘cuz you know, we are as confused now as the GOP banked on us being in 2008. We still can’t tell the difference between Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton. They both have ovaries, after all.

In spite of the confusion and poutrage, Butter took the Toronto Film Festival by storm, which is typical since we know those people aren’t Real Americans.

Heck, Butter might not be Waiting for Guffman, but not everyone can be Christopher Guest and anyway, it’s rather freeing to release ourselves from the shackles of liberal media shame and finally come out with it: Yes, Tea Party candidates, we are mocking you. No, you are not good enough. Yes, it does matter that you don’t know whether Africa is a continent or a country and also, too, we would very much like the leader of the free world to read and have a curious, alert mind. In case it’s not clear, we are mocking you because it’s all we can do in order to survive the surreal fact that you exist and are being sold to us as possible contenders for the highest office in the world.

And also, we mock you because you deserve it. Don’t tread on our rights to enjoy this film, hater!

Oh, and lastly, today was supposed to be Drop Dead Day for Sarah Palin (relax, those are her words!). This was the day the Anointed was supposed to announce to her cult that she was indeed doing Jesus’ will and running for the President. I expected the heavens to open up at some point today, but so far, it’s all doom and gloom. Jesus must be blinking.

Someone had to, the Republican Party sure as heck wasn’t going to do it.

Image: Movie Fanatic

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