Game On: Wisconsin Gearing Up Recall of Governor Scott Walker

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It’s not a matter of if but rather when Wisconsinites will begin the recall process against Governor Scott Walker. Activists in the group Wisconsin Recall Task Force met Tuesday evening to discuss the most effective way to launch their recall, with focus on the timing. November 5th is the soonest possible date for pulling the trigger on the recall effort.

They are weighing out the capitalizing on the momentum from the summer recalls versus giving themselves more time to raise money and organize. reported,

Nan Lambert of River Falls was heavily involved in the failed recall effort against Republican state Sen. Sheila Harsdorf. She says no matter when a recall committee is filed or when the election happens there will be plenty of support for ousting the governor, “The biggest question about a Walker recall is timing, when? When do we pull the trigger? Do we go with the soonest date possible? Do we wait and coordinate with other political election efforts? That’s what I’m here to find out.”

Nathan Timm is a representative of the Wisconsin Recall Task Force, which is holding eight of these recall planning meetings across the state over the next week and a half. He says they’ve learned from the past and there’ll be a whole new approach to the Walker recall, “Sometimes on the left we have been more impulsive than we have been thoughtful and this is an effort to try to balance that with maybe some more strategic thinking, some more thoughtful elements.”

It’s no accident that Walker, who ran on creating 250,000 jobs by cutting taxes for businesses in his first term, has just started his big Jobs Show. Yes, he is now pressing legislators to get a jobs bill passed by calling a “special session” focused on job creation. The only problem is that his version of a jobs bill reads more like a corporate give away, and didn’t Wisconsin already just do that? By the way, the results of Walker’s policies so far are the rather alarming loss of 2300 jobs in August.

Walker is blaming the feds (does this ever get old for the Tea Party? Apparently not – lose your homework? Blame the feds!) for his fiscal failures and claiming that Wisconsin is doing better than the nation, but in truth, Wisconsin fared worse than the nation in August. The nation had zero job growth because Republican governors like Scott Walker killed off public sector jobs, which zeroed out the private sector job growth.

It’s ironic that Republicans who claim that government can’t create jobs are actually proving that a Democratic President can foster an environment for private sector growth (their claim to fame, as yet still unproven), while Republicans like Scott Walker in Wisconsin can only lose jobs, both private and public. Walker gave those enormous tax cuts to business earlier this year that were supposed to “create jobs”, just like George W Bush did ten years ago.

We’re still waiting for those jobs, too.

That’s OK; Walker didn’t finish college, so math might not be his thing. He was, however, found guilty of illegal campaigning in college; in fact, the local paper said he was “unfit” for the office he sought — how many of you non-job creators can claim such notoriety? Sadly, his talking points are no reason for hope either: Walker cited the need to give business a feeling of confidence so they might consider spending some of the massive profits they’re hoarding, “new limits for attorneys fees in civil actions, setting a flat fee of $500 to apply for the film production services credit, immunity from liability for drug and device manufacturers and sellers under certain circumstances, and new tax credits for angel investment and for employer provided fringe benefits for mass transit.”

It’s too bad Walker cut funding for mass transit that workers without cars and the disabled relied upon, but dealing with tort laws and giving drug companies immunity is so obviously going to help create living wage jobs. All you have to do is close your eyes and tap your heels together three times and whisper with conviction, “Job creators need security and confidence and we the working people are not sacrificing enough!”

Democratic leaders said Walker’s Job Session looked more like a special interest giveaway, but honestly, the Democrats should have fewer standards for truth. It doesn’t matter what it really does, it matters that Walker has given it a super cool title, “Back to Work Wisconsin”. On second thought, I’m not sure if Walker is trying to sound like a scold or that was accidental, but seeing as his campaign is under investigation by the FBI, he might want to rethink the whole moral superiority angle.

These jobs bills have been sitting around untouched since the last Big Jobs Show in January, because you know, jobs might be what Walker ran on, but he had to get ALEC’s shock and awe legislation “passed” (legally or otherwise) before he could get around to Christmas presents for special interests. He couldn’t hurt the feelings of our new legal citizens, corporations. I’m sure you can understand.

It doesn’t matter what Walker is really doing with his Jobs Show, it matters that he appears on the surface to be dealing with jobs. He presented himself as a moderate and a fiscal conservative (neither of which is accurate), as soon as he was elected he went to war on rights even the UN says we have, and now that he got what his corporate sponsors asked for, it’s time to dial it back and pretend to make nice, while handing out Secret Santa giveaways to those who might back him if the FBI gets too close. This is nothing new for Walker.

This game is usually very effective for Republicans, due to a number of factors that don’t bode well for democracy. But I wouldn’t bet against Wisconsinites.

And if they can’t get the job done, it is not outside the realm of possibility that Walker’s term could be brought to a Palin-esque sudden closure. Aides of Walker were recently granted immunity in the John Doe FBI investigation into the Walker campaign that has already resulted in one felony conviction and the recent impounding of top administration aides’ computers and hard drives.

Dance, Walker, dance. Put on the big Jobs Show and hope the people forget.

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