A Punch In The Face: The Hidden Police Brutality At Occupy Wall Street

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Supposedly the policeman who pepper sprayed Occupy Wall Street protesters over the weekend was an isolated incident, but here is video of protester being punched in the face by NYPD.

This video comes to us from Alexander Higgins:

In his YouTube description, Alexander provided some context for the video he shot and uploaded, “In yet another show of the rampant police brutality being waged against the peaceful non-violent Occupy Wall Street protestors, this video captures a NYC police officer grabbing a man by the back of his neck and then punching him in the face for no apparent reason. The man was then arrested and hauled off in a police van, presumably charged with some frivolous crime to cover up the unprovoked assault he suffered.”

The keywords are yet another show of police brutality. Any American who relies only upon television to get their news may be only just now becoming aware of the fact that there is a protest going on. (In a week or two, maybe the MSM will get around to telling them that the protests have spread to places like Chicago and Los Angeles, and it is getting bigger every day).

There have been more than a few instances of police getting rough with the protesters. Here are a few more examples:

September 24:

Here is a report on some of the incidents from The Real News.com:

It took the pepper spraying video to get the media’s attention, but they need to keep paying attention. I find it humorous in a sad way when I see mainstream websites, television, print, and radio trying to justify their lack of concern about what is going on at these protests by claiming confusion over the “goals” of the protest. I don’t remember the tea party ever being forced to come up with a list of demands before they would be covered by the media. The angry white Republican storyline was good enough for them to devote endless coverage to the tea party.

The tea party themselves never seem too sure about what they are actually protesting about. What originated as a tax protest has been outraged by everything from healthcare reform to the creeping imaginary menace of socialism to Barack Obama’s birth certificate. The tea party never had to state their goals or demands. They were mad, and that was all the media needed.

Peaceful protesters are being maced, roughed up, and in the latest video punched in the face by the police, and this doesn’t merit more coverage than it is getting? Something tells me that if a cop breathed on a Republican tea partier the wrong way, and granny fell out of her walker, it would be huge news across every media platform.

The media rules are definitely different for liberal protests, but as the protests continue to grow and spread, the corporate media giants will have no other choice but to report on a true grassroots movement of the people.

It seems the old adage if it bleeds it leads is not so true for the Occupy Wall Street protesters. Apparently, liberal blood just doesn’t pop the demo.

***The term liberal can be used both in the current American definition, and in the classical political definition to characterize these protests, because I suspect not everyone in attendance sympathizes with the political left.***

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