In Response To The Police Macing Attendance Grows At Occupy Wall Street

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During his latest segment on Occupy Wall Street, Keith Olbermann hosted guest Sam Seder who reported that after a policeman maced four people on Saturday the number of protesters is growing.

Here is the video:

After talking about the Saturday pepper spraying of innocent protesters, The Majority Report’s Sam Seder said, “It’s interesting. There is a real sense I think that on Saturday because of the attention, and I don’t know if that’s for better for worse I guess. Because of that attention, it has really grown. I mean I was down there on Friday, and there were far more people there today and tonight even I think there’s close to six -seven hundred people who were there during what they call the general assembly.”

Olbermann asked, “So they had dropped from a high of perhaps a thousand or more last week down into the medium hundreds or low hundreds and now you’re suggesting it’s a larger crowd?”

Seder answered, “I think after Saturday, you know obviously on the weekends the marches are going to bring out more people, but it is clear that during the week we’re only on Tuesday now, the numbers are growing, and I don’t know if there are more people sleeping over, but there are certainly more people going down to the park.” Olbermann and Seder also talked about the police/protester dynamic, and why this protest continues to be largely ignored by the mainstream media.

If the policeman who maced the protesters on Saturday thought a bit of pepper spray was going to put an end to the occupation, he couldn’t have been more wrong. Instead of making people stay away, this one cop’s hardline abuse of power has led to more Americans joining the fight. It is undeniable that the presence of liberal celebrity activists like Susan Sarandon and Michael Moore, no matter how you may feel about the sincerity of their involvement, bring with them media attention that this protest needs.

The encouraging sign is that as more people learn about this protest, the more they get involved. The media blackout has almost certainly kept many Americans in the dark and out of the park, but the message is still getting through. The media’s excuse that they don’t what this protest is about or that they are awaiting a list of demands before they can cover it is completely bogus.

The story isn’t about any demands. It is the outrage and frustration at a culture of greed and corruption that has fostered and separate and unequal society that is threatening to create an economic caste system where the majority of Americans sit and the bottom and try to eke out a living, as the wealthy continue to corruptly build their fortunes.

These protests will not silently fade away. Until this crisis of corruption is addressed, Americans will continue to stand up and say no more.

They may not have corporate media microphones, but each day the voices of those occupying Wall Street are being heard.

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