Keith Olbermann Gives Us Rick Perry’s Florida Campaign Co-Chair Raising the Dead

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No, it’s not Halloween, it’s just another Republican Party tale of witches and demons and End Times messengers. Tonight on Keith Olbmermann’s Countdown Worst Persons episode on Current TV, Keith mainstreamed Dominionism with quite a catchy hook. Keith named Rick Perry’s Florida campaign co-chair, Pam Olsen, worst person for claiming she could raise the dead (I kid you not).

Oddly, these are the same people who call themselves “conservatives.” A pause whilst we let that one digest. I note that these nutty extremist Christians on their seven-mountains mandate to take over the world (including our government) have the nerve to refer to global climate change “believers” as crazy. Um, yeah.

09-23-11 5 – Worst Persons – Countdown with Keith Olbermann:

So, it’s not just Rick’s nutty co-campaign chair who believes this stuff. Among the Dominionists currently making news for the Republican Party we have Rick Perry, Scott Walker, Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin. Of these, we have only seen video of Sarah Palin being de-witchified by her Kenyan pastor, but apparently we had all best keep an eye on the rest of them.

These are the same folks (Sarah Palin’s “heretical” fringe of the extreme Dominionist Christian types) who took credit for their imprecatory prayers killing several Demon Witches, including Princess Diana. Yes, elect one of these nuts, what can go wrong? And you wondered why they didn’t believe in science.

The rest of us “not real Americans” will take a big giant step away from these “common sense conservatives” as they raise the dead while serving as “End Times messengers”…

Please, God, save us from your “followers” and may the American voters save this country from these absolute freaks.

Happy Friday, people.

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