Republicans Kick Their Obstruction Into Full Throttle In Order To Prevent Job Creation

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It is human nature to avoid accepting responsibility for making mistakes whether out of embarrassment or the need to blame another person to evade punishment or retribution. It is a sign of low moral character when adults blame someone else for their blunders, and children often engage in finger-pointing to avoid punishment.  Rapists are well-known for blaming their victims to prevent juries from sending them to jail, and their lawyers often succeed in getting an acquittal because they portray the victim as a vindictive accuser. For the past ten years, Republicans have been raping America’s economy and avoided being accountable for their malfeasance; they have blamed President Obama, Democrats, and even Americans to deflect blame away from themselves.

Republicans began blaming the president for the languishing economy the minute he took office with claims of a socialist agenda and out-of-control spending even though George W. Bush and Republicans devastated the world’s economy  by deregulating the financial and banking industry. Now that the economy appears to be stagnating and Americans are losing their jobs due to outsourcing and sluggish consumer spending, Republicans are ramping up their rhetoric that the four-year recession is solely the fault of President Obama. However, Republicans have obstructed job creation and economic recovery since 2009 and they have not attempted to conceal their economic rape regardless of their claims to the contrary, and recently they have resorted to blackmail and hostage taking to guarantee that the economy collapses in time for the 2012 elections.

During the campaign for the 2010 midterm elections, Republicans promised to make job creation their highest priority and eight months later they have made no effort to create jobs or help the economy. They have made Draconian spending cuts that may cost nearly 2 million American jobs and said reducing the nation’s debt would bolster the economy and encourage businesses to begin hiring, but any half-wit understands that spending cuts and deficit reduction cannot possibly create jobs. Their big job creation plan for the next three months is to deregulate environmental protection agencies that will not create one job, but then again that is not their purpose.

Their purpose has been to prevent job creation  and in the process, keep the economy in recession. Republicans did their best to obstruct the first stimulus that created approximately 3.3 million jobs as well as save the auto industry, and they are at it again with President Obama’s jobs program he proposed last week. The current continuing resolution to keep the government running is being held up because Republicans are using disaster relief to kill jobs for increased fuel efficiency in another hostage situation because the oil industry needs to sell more gasoline for gas guzzling vehicles. On Tuesday, Republican leaders in the House and Senate wrote a letter to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke warning him not to do anything that may help the economy in what is arguably a mafia, godfather type warning.

On Monday, the Fed wrapped up a critical two-day meeting to discuss whether to take steps that could boost economic growth and reduce unemployment. Many, and probably most mainstream economists think that’s the right thing to do. However, Republicans are not interested in doing the right thing to help create jobs or grow the economy.  The last time the Fed intervened, it angered Republicans and prompted presidential hopeful Rick Perry to claim Bernanke’s actions were treasonous. Treasonous? Republicans think helping the American people with jobs and a stronger economy is treasonous? Apparently that is the case because Republicans are not waiting for Bernanke to act, and their letter said that the Fed “should resist further extraordinary intervention in the economy” or that Congress would get involved in monetary decisions and possibly evict Bernanke from his post.

Nearly all economists agree that having an independent monetary authority without interference from politicians with an agenda is critical, because as economist Mark Thoma says, “History tells us that politicizing monetary policy is a bad idea — giving control of the money supply to politicians generally leads to high inflation.”  The bigger problem is not the threat of high inflation, but giving Republicans control of money that they will invariably turn over to the wealthy and corporations. Their record speaks for itself for the past ten years when they have borrowed money from China and the Social Security Trust to fund the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy, oil industry subsidies, and two unnecessary wars. Although it was Republicans who ran up the deficit, they are still blaming President Obama for something they did. They are even blaming the American people who lost their jobs by claiming unemployment benefits and Social Security are entitlements that are responsible for the nation’s debt crisis and sluggish economy. It is a typical case of a rapist blaming the victim, and their pundits and conservative think tanks are playing the role of slimy lawyers discrediting Americans who paid into Social Security and unemployment insurance during their entire working lives.

Media pundits and commentators are unwilling to accuse Republicans of sabotage or criminal hostage-taking, but this author is not. Republicans have deliberately sabotaged the economy to portray the Obama Administration as ineffective and in the process are destroying what is left of the economy. There is not one instance of Republicans doing anything that will have a positive effect on the economy,  but they have done everything to kill jobs. Their Draconian spending cuts and deficit reduction schemes will never create one job and are responsible for millions of Americans losing their jobs. When Democrats sought to restrict outsourcing of American jobs, Republicans blocked the legislation, and they blocked tax incentives for small businesses that hired new employees. The Republicans are undoubtedly making every attempt to send the economy into a full-scale depression by keeping Americans poor and unemployed while raising middle-class’s taxes and giving them to the wealthiest Americans.

The American people have said they want the rich to pay more in taxes, more stimulus to rebuild America’s decrepit infrastructure, and Social Security and Medicare to be left untouched and yet Republicans are going in the opposite direction. Republicans want more tax cuts for the wealthy, Social Security and Medicare eliminated or privatized, and roads and bridges left in a state of disrepair. There can be no doubt that Republicans want to send the country into a depression because every single economic policy they espouse will result in the economy falling off a cliff; and all the while they blame President Obama and the American people for their economic malfeasance.

There is no other way to portray the Republicans as anything but economic rapists who blame everyone else for their criminal activity. They held the economy hostage during the debt ceiling negotiations, and as Mitch McConnell promised, they did it again over disaster relief to make sure the oil industry sells more gasoline. Now they have sent a threatening letter to the Fed Chairman warning him not to do anything to boost the economy and help job creation. In any other situation, they would be arrested for sabotage, hostage taking, and extortion just like a mafia boss, but their supporters at the Heritage Foundation, Koch Industries, and the conservative Supreme Court protect them like greasy two-bit defense lawyers without a shred of decency.

One thing is certain, if Americans continue supporting Republicans and their criminal economic rape, then they are no longer rape victims; they are willing accomplices who are as culpable as the Republican rapists and they cannot blame anyone except themselves. In this one case, Republican supporters who are victimized by their gods in the conservative movement are indeed criminals themselves for aiding and abetting serial economic rapists and they deserve to suffer. Unfortunately, decent Americans are also suffering and the GOP criminals have no intention of stopping. It is what happens when criminals go unpunished and shift the blame to the victims; the American people.

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