Bill Maher Uses The Situation To Destroy The GOP’s Job Creators Meme

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On Real Time host Bill Maher urged the American people to stop voting against their economic interests by pointing out that in GOP land Jersey Shore’s The Situation is also a job creator.

Here is the video:

Episode 225 by BillMaher1956

Maher began by saying, “Americans must stop voting against their economic self-interest. This is something I have been saying for years, Michael too. I even once dubbed it Joe The Plumber Syndrome after the broke unemployed guy who hates it when you try to tax the rich, and whose candidate of choice this year was Donald Trump. You just want to shake poor Joe and say Joe, Trump is not one of you. The only thing you have in common is his hair looks like the stuff that clogs up the sink. It really does when you’re snaking.”

The Real Time host then said that he’s a millionaire and he’s voting against his own self-interest, and the Republican debates have enlightened him into realizing that he is a job creator. Maher appointed himself a regional fundraiser for Mitt Romney, complete with Mitt’s The Shit baseball caps. He talked about what the uncertainty over a potential tax hike does to him.

Maher concluded with, “I guess what I’m saying is the next time you hear anyone say job creator, I want you to picture this. Look, he’s literally giving you the shirt off his front. Yes, The Situation made $5 million last year, and if he has to pay a little more in taxes, it won’t mean he’s creating fewer jobs. It will mean a tiny fraction of money will go to pay for the government that actually keeps him alive. The EPA that contains he oil runoff, the Postal Service that delivers his body wax, the Bureau of Weights and Measures that weighs his dumbbells, The Centers for Disease Control that provides a steady supply of penicillin, and the military who keep the Taliban away, because if a single human proves that America is asking for it, you’re looking at him.”

Bill Maher used The Situation to blow a big giant gaping hole into the GOP’s mythic facade of the job creator. The truth is that since the United States has become a service based economy, every American who spends money is a job creator. As long as you are putting money back into the economy, you are creating jobs. The problem with our current economy is that no one is spending. The Republicans have strangled government spending, the people at the top who have money aren’t putting it back into the economy, banks aren’t lending. Corporations are sitting on huge cash reserves and not spending, and biggest job creators of all, the American people lack the jobs and/or income to spend.

The Republican Party and their top 2% base might not want to admit, but they need the government too. Usually, this is the part where I would say the rich didn’t get rich by being stupid, but if you have ever seen Jersey Shore you know that for some of the country’s rich this isn’t true. The wealthy are trying to freeload off the rest of us. They want to use the services that we all pay for, but they don’t believe that they should be required to pay their fair share.

What the job creators meme boils down to is a that the rich are superior human beings because they have more money than the rest of us. This strain of social Darwinist thought pops up in America once every few decades always during periods of growing inequality. The term job creator is nothing more than conservative shorthand for a belief in the moral superiority of the wealthy.

The Republicans are arguing that people like The Situation, Snooki, and the guy who bought a winning Powerball ticket are better the rest of us. They are more deserving that the rest of us, and due to their superiority, we should be forced to shoulder their burden.

The idea that people like The Situation are who the GOP is fighting for obliterates the ridiculous right wing notion of the superior class of Americans as job creators.

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