As Their State Burns Nearly 2/3 of Texas Republicans Deny Global Warming

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It seems that nothing can change a Republican’s mind on the issue of global warming. Despite the worst drought in a half century, only 20% of Texas Republicans believe in global warming.

The latest PPP poll of Texas revealed that only 20% of the state’s Republicans believe that global warming is real. A whopping 64% of Texas Republicans don’t believe in global warming. Texas Republicans refuse to believe in global warming despite the fact that the state is in the grip of an historic puppy swallowing drought.

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According to the National Drought Summary, “In Texas, this year has been characterized and the worst 1-year drought on record by the State Climatologist. Recent estimates of state-wide agricultural impact from drought and wildfires is now at $5.4 billion. In Texas, 98% of the Pasture and Range land is considered to be in Poor or Very Poor condition.”

Here are some statistics about the Texas drought:

– Nearly 97 percent of Texas is in either exceptional or extreme drought.

– Nearly 88 percent of the state is in what is classified as exceptional drought — up from 81 percent the week before.

– From June through August, Texas suffered the hottest three months ever recorded in the United States, according to the National Weather Service. And the 12 months ending on Aug. 31 were the driest 12 months in Texas history, with most of the state receiving just 21 percent of its annual average rainfall.

– Much of Texas and Oklahoma would need 9 to 23 inches of rain over the next month to emerge from drought.

More Statistics From The Atlantic:

– 87.2: The average temperature for Texas this July.

– 6.53: Inches of precipitation by August 4th.

– 16.03: The historical average for inches of precipitation by August 4th.

– 38: Number of consecutive days this summer the temperature has risen above 100°F in Dallas-Ft. Worth.

Despite all of the evidence of bizarre and extreme weather activity in the state, almost 2/3 of Republicans refuse to believe in global warming. There is no amount of science that can possibly convince these folks that global warming is occurring. Their state has dried up and burst into flames, and they still won’t acknowledge even the possibility that some sort of climate change is occurring. The typical Texas Republican’s position on global warming is the perfect example of why our political process has ground to a halt.

Republicans now believe what they feel in their heart more than what they see with their eyes. It is impossible to come to agreement with a segment of our society that refuses to accept facts. The Texas Republicans aren’t disputing facts. They aren’t challenging them. They are not debating them. They are refusing to acknowledge their existence.

When anyone who is disgruntled with the Democratic Party argues that it makes no difference if the Republicans are in charge, they are actually arguing for climate change denying non-reality based leadership that would be reflective of the views of the Texas Republicans who continue to deny global warming while their state burns to the ground around them.

It matters who is in charge.

One party believes in science, while the other shrugs while the earth opens up and swallows puppies and calls it God’s will. Are we going to let the 20%-30% of science deniers in this country rule over the rest of us?

If you still don’t think it matters, remember that if they win, you too will have to live in the world that science deniers create, whether you agree with them or not.

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