Rick Perry Says 30 Inches of Rain that Never Fell was Message from God

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"So that's what 30 inches of rain looks like in Texas!"

Rick Perry appeared at Liberty University on September 14 to talk his God-loving self up. During this talk, he discussed the ways in which he feels his god has communicated with him. It’s really quite Pagan when you get down to it – God isn’t actually speaking to him per se – not like he does the NAR’s apostles – but instead he sends him signs.

Again, this is very old-school Pagan. Ancient polytheists were very aware of omens and signs – the flight of birds, an eclipse, a meteor, and so forth. These were all taken very seriously, and not as meteorological or astronomical events, but as signs from the heavens directed at humans.

Nowadays, of course – well, okay, not in Texas – we have scientific explanations for these things and we generally take them as they should be taken, as naturally occurring phenomena. We live with them every day and we don’t think much about them. A normal person might grab an umbrella.

But Rick Perry insists on seeing in the weather messages from his god. For example, he talks about how he came to say where he was rather than becoming an airline pilot. It is all because of a rainstorm.

Watch the video from Right Wing Watch:

All through life there have been these supernatural events. In 1978 I had been home for a year-and-a-half and it quit raining. You know how it is out in West Texas it quit raining. My dad was a dry land cotton farmer and I was back home. Had been for 4-5 years a pilot in the air force traveling around the world and I moved back home with my mom and dad and went to farming and it quit raining. Dry land cotton farming and no rain. Not good, not good.

So I told dad I had to do something to make a living. And I had a class date to fly for Southwest Airlines in September of 1978. On the fifth day of August 1978 it rained 30 inches in 24 hours in that little community just 150 miles west of Fort Worth and you know I took that as God’s real clear message to me “this is where I want you son; this is where I want you to be.”

And you go through my life and there have been so many of those events that occurred and I don’t get confused. It wasn’t coincidence it was God’s hand on my life guiding me in the ways He wanted me to be. I truly believe He has me here at a time such as this.

Now, if Governor Perry wants to see his god’s words in a rainstorm, that’s all well and fine. There is no law against it. But he’s got a bigger problem than superstition, and that’s honesty.

It didn’t rain thirty inches in Paint Creek, Texas on August 5, 1978. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the total precipitation that day for Abilene, one hour away from Paint Creek and the closest recording point, was 0.01 inches. One one-hundredth of an inch – a far cry from thirty inches.

In fact, the record rainfall for one day is just 6.30 inches – two days before Perry’s imaginary 30 inch godstorm.

You have to admit that a 6 inch rain fall is a much more subdued and equivocal message than 30 inches and 0.1 is barely a hiccup. If 0.1 inches of rain means God is saying “stay here!” you have to wonder about Perry’s other communications with the divine.

What, for example, is the signal for unleashing a nuclear holocaust, or some or those Republican dream scenarios like invading Iran or Syria? Do we have to worry that a hurricane, which occur annually on the East Coast, is going to signal Perry to take some dramatic and world-altering action?

Will a gust of wind in the Rose Garden start World War III?

You also have to ask yourself if a 30-inch rainfall is a sign from God to stay, if a drought such as Texas has been experiencing is a message from God that Perry should go. It certainly sounds like a rejection to me. And I think it would difficult to interpret a drought as a sign that he should be promoted – logically, the drought would spread to the entire country. Of course, then Perry can have national instead of state prayers for rain.

They say everything is bigger in Texas and that includes the lies. Rick Perry is a huge lie himself, and we can’t expect much but lies out of him. So when Rick Perry says, for example, that God wants us to support Israel, remember that Perry also says God sent 30 inches of rain that never fell.

He has whored himself out to the Dominionists and America will reap the results. It’s scary enough thinking about a president who thinks a rainstorm is a sign from God. Even scarier is a president who invents a rainstorm so it can be a sign from God. America should be worried…and so should the world.

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