Elizabeth Warren Strikes Terror Into Rush Limbaugh’s Heart

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There can be no greater sign of just how afraid of Elizabeth Warren the right truly is than Rush Limbaugh’s rant against Warren on his radio show today.

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

Limbaugh said, “How many people does it take? The taxes of how many people does it take to pay Elizabeth Warren? The tuition of how many students to pay Elizabeth Warren. I’d like to know how many pensions she has. At Harvard, Rutgers, time at the White House, time at TARP with Dingy Harry. If she’s elected to the Senate, how many pensions is this woman? Social Security, we pay a lot of money to Ms. Warren. She’s a parasite. She’s a parasite who hates her host. Willing to destroy the host while she sucks the life out of it. Roads, bridges, firefighters and policemen, nobody got rich because everybody has to use them and we all pay for that. Well who built the trucks? Who laid the concrete and the asphalt, as though government does all of this.”

Limbaugh then retold the story of The Little Red Hen, and said that somebody needs to read it to Warren. Later Limbaugh closed by driving home his message that Warren is as un-American as Obama, “I cannot emphasize this enough, that this exactly the way Obama views this country in the rest of the world. This is the thinking behind Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution.”

The message that Elizabeth Warren is delivering in this video is what has Republicans like Limbaugh so terrified:

Limbaugh’s attack on Warren proved just how frightened of her they really are. All it took was the release of one poll showing her leading Scott Brown to send them into full panic mode. What’s scares people like Limbaugh isn’t Warren herself, but her message. Elizabeth Warren has a resume that is chocked full of evidence of her concern for regular Americans and her tireless advocacy for consumer protection against deceptive financial products.

Rush Limbaugh’s attack on Warren implies that everyone who isn’t rich is a parasite on the economy. His message is that the other 98% of Americans exist only because of the efforts of the top 2%. Warren’s advocacy seems to be the kind of return on their investment that many Americans want. In this time of economic sorrow and despair, Warren’s message that the government should be working for most Americans instead of against them is a powerful one.

Elizabeth Warren is refuting the conservative message of selfishness, and elitist “job creators.” The Republican Party is so frightened by Elizabeth Warren that they have deployed Rush Limbaugh to take her down.

As Republicans continue to prolong the recession in order to allow the rich to get richer, many Americans have realized that it is the people like Rush Limbaugh who constantly take more while demanding the right to give less that are the true parasites, not Elizabeth Warren.

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