Fox News Warps Superman’s Story To Turn Rick Perry Into The Man Of Steel

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Fox and Friends used the occasion of a visit from Dean Cain to change Superman’s origin story, and equate Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry to the Man of Steel.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

After “Independent” Dean Cain sang the praises of Rick Perry, Steve Doocy played a clip of Perry saying that Superman is the super hero that he would be, Gretchen Carlson chimed in with, “And he went on actually to say and Superman came to save the United States. Do you believe that about Rick Perry and this country?” Cain answered, “I think he is the right guy to do so, yeah, I really do.”

Leave it to Fox News to turn Superman into a right wing endorsement of Rick Perry. Everyone knows the basic origin story of Superman, but here is a visual recap from DC:

According to Fox News, Superman is the all American Republican who was sent to earth to save the good old USA, but the superhero himself would disagree.

In March, Fox attacked Superman for renouncing his US citizenship. At the time Mike Huckabee said, “It is disturbing that Superman who has always been an American icon is now saying I’m not going to be a citizen.”

In order to mythologize Rick Perry, Fox News altered Superman’s origin story to suit their propaganda needs. The idea of Rick Perry as Superman is laughable to anyone who has ever heard the Governor speak or spent two minutes looking at his record. Republicans have been looking for a new hero to “save” them since Ronald Reagan left office.

(The conservative feeling of being the victim who is in perpetual need of a stronger power to save them is something that is woven into their DNA. No matter how much power and control conservatives really have, in their own minds they are always the victim that needs to be saved).

Superman is something that Republicans abhor. He is a citizen of the earth. The globalism inherent in The Man Of Steel’s deeds would cause Republicans to label him a socialist today. Tea Partiers would be protesting Superman’s “Alinsky tactics” outside the Fortress of Solitude, and Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh would take to the airwaves to denounce him as un-American.

The Man of Steel’s values aren’t those of today’s GOP, and Rick Perry is definitely no Superman.

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