Google Debate Crowd Boos Rick Perry For Suggesting They Have A Heart

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Let’s just start off with the basic recipe for crazy during which the audience booed a gay soldier and booed Rick Perry for having compassion. Tonight’s Fox News Google GOP primary debate was moderated by Fox News’ Bret Baier with Fox News anchors Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace as panelists.

No, we haven’t gotten to the crazy yet.

We had the gunslinger Texas Gov. Rick Perry, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney who announced today that he is “middle class”, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann (I am subservient and I like it), Texas Rep. Ron Paul (bad history with racism and also, Ayn Rand believer), former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman (not crazy), former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (smart but an epic ethics and strategic failure see the 1990’s), businessman Herman Cain (ran a pizza parlor so how hard can the country be?), former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum (Google him and get arrested) and former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson (wild card prone to speaking his truth).

Most of them babbled about repealing ObamaCares, never acknowledging that 1 million young people are now insured because of ObamaCares, which means that when they are campaigning against the President, they will be running on taking insurance away from young people. Not a real winner, but this is the Fox News crowd, so naturally it got lots of cheers. But things got really crazy when the audience booed a gay soldier who popped up on a video chat to ask a question about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT).

The Republican audience booed a gay soldier who sent in a video question regarding DADT:

The crowd boos the gay soldier and then Santorum makes that Santorum face and sputters, “No kinda sexual activity belongs in the military…” Has Santorum ever been on base? Cough. Santorum said he would reinstate DADT. The crowd cheered, because division and exclusion even of our brave troops is fun when you’re sitting at home on a cushy arm chair downing Cheetos in mommy’s milk.

Apparently more than 18,000 questions were submitted for the Fox Google GOP debate tonight in Orlando, Fla. The “hottest” (if anything Republican can be considered hot) question was about illegal immigration (naturally).

The hottest topic is immigration, and it was the topic of the most popular submitted question: “With so many people waiting years if not decades to enter this country legally, why do we give illegals so many benefits, like free health care, schooling, and in-state-tuition while denying these things to American citizens and legal residents?”

This topic is what led to Rick Perry stepping in it as he offered the lame (to this audience) suggestion that we should show compassion to the children who come here as illegal immigrants only to be booed:

Jobs? Not so much but how about them illegals!?!?! Man, you gotta hand it to the Republican elites, they know how to sell crazy to the mob and Fox is right there, armed with Megyn Kelly’s dangerously long fake eyelashes to compel the hoi poi along in their Get Out The Vote tactic of fear and division. Another epic fail for a Republican Primary season full of embarrassing cheers for death. Now we’ve moved on to booing our military. USA USA USA.

That’s the end of tonight’s Crazy Train, brought to you by none other than Fox News and the Republican Party. Who says there’s enough hate? C’mon! There’s always someone else to boo or someone’s death to cheer. They don’t call it the Gruesome Old Party for nothing.

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