Michael Moore Warns The Media That Protests Like Occupy Wall St. Won’t Go Away

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Michael Moore stopped by the Rachel Maddow show to call out the mainstream media and warn them they can ignore protests like Occupy Wall Street, but the protests will continue.

Here’s the video from MSNBC:

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After talking about Benton Harbor, MI, Moore talked about conservative media bias and the mainstream media’s constant sucking up to the tea party, and how they ignore protests on the left,

They’re not the majority of Americans. I mean the actual members the dues paying members of the tea party; it’s a really small number. They had to cancel their convention in D.C. last year because they couldn’t get enough people to come. They’re on their own crazy boat that I call the Teatanic, and I think the American people are smarter than this, and they’re just going to let that boat sink.”

But last week when Wolf Blitzer and CNN had that debate, the CNN/Tea Party Express debate, and Wolf stood there and called them his partners, I just thought this is amazing isn’t it, because would you ever see the CNN/Nurses debate or the CNN/Teachers Union debate? Cause I think there’s a few more teachers and nurses in this country than there are members of the tea party, but we’ll never see that in the mainstream media and liberal organizations which have many more members, just don’t have, just don’t get the attention.

A thousand people arrested a couple weeks ago on the Tar Sands environmental issue, hardly any coverage of this. Can you imagine if a thousand tea partiers had been arrested in front of the White House? It would be the top of every news story. People are down on Wall Street right now holding a sit in and a camp in down there, virtually no news about this protest. This goes on with liberals and the left all the time, and it gets ignored. Fortunately, there are shows like yours and others who aren’t ignoring it, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening and it will continue to happen.

Moore was right on both counts. The media does ignore protests by liberals and the left with regularity, and they do exaggerate, overrate, and suck up to the tea party on a regular basis. TeaNN is just the latest example of media selling out to the conservative agenda. Moore did raise an interesting question. Why did CNN deem the Tea Party Express a worthy partner instead of any number of organizations that each has more members than the tea party?

Does CNN really think that the Tea Party Express members represented the concerns of most Americans? What is even more troubling is that the media consistently gives fringe groups like the tea party media attention over the protesters in Wisconsin or the current people who are occupying Wall Street. The regular people who took to the streets in Madison or those committed souls who are occupying Wall Street are real Americans.

The tea party is nothing more than Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority, and the Family Values conservatives with a new name. Those who treat the tea party like a new group in or separate group from Republican politics are perpetuating a big lie on the American people. The media can try to keep us all in the dark, but that doesn’t mean that the protests aren’t happening, and like Michael Moore the one thing I am certain of is that they will continue to happen.

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