John Boehner’s Endless Economy Killing Insanity Loop

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There are many maladies that beset human beings that are invisible to all except medical professionals who read laboratory results or various imaging technologies that reveal internal problems. Although diseases like cancer are imperceptible in early stages, as it advances patients show signs of deteriorating health that are noticeable to family members and acquaintances alike. Mental disease is nearly impossible to observe and seemingly normal people may suffer debilitating effects without ever displaying abnormal behavior even though they are considered insane by psychiatrists. People who are criminally insane often appear rational and intelligent, but when they are committing heinous acts, their symptoms may include sexual stimulation because of the pleasure they receive from causing fear and pain to their victims. It begs the question; what gets John Boehner’s knickers wet?

The answer has been playing out every day for the past two years and eight months and it is obvious that lying, killing jobs, destroying the middle class, and eliminating social safety nets gives great sexual satisfaction to the criminals in the Republican Party. When House Speaker Boehner gave a speech at the Economic Club in Washington, he proposed reforming the tax code as a means of cutting the deficit and creating jobs. Boehner also said tax increases were off the table and that allowing the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy to expire was tantamount to a tax increase Republicans would not abide. Boehner is criminally insane for proposing more entitlements for the wealthy and corporations that will have to be offset by spending cuts on programs for the poor, elderly, and children. Then there is the recurring theme that cutting the deficit creates jobs.

The truth is that deficit reduction and spending cuts kill jobs and never created even one job and Boehner knows it. In the Republicans’ first incarnation of spending cuts, estimates were that 1.9 million jobs would be lost and Boehner showed his callous disregard by saying, “So be it.” It must have warmed his vile heart to learn that nearly two million Americans would be unemployed because Republicans slashed funding for aid to children, Centers for Disease Control, EPA, FDA, NIH and Planned Parenthood among others. Apparently Boehner is not excited enough that over 46 million Americans are living below the poverty level and that unemployment threatens to increase the numbers exponentially. Adolf Hitler was criminally insane and he was not satisfied murdering 6 million Jews and worked to achieve his final solution of exterminating them off the face of the Earth. Will Boehner and his pack of criminals only be satisfied when all but millionaires and billionaires live in poverty? Apparently, that is the Republican goal because they have made no proposals to help the American people; but they work tirelessly to help the wealthy and corporations.

When he attacked President Obama’s jobs plan, Boehner showed he was stuck in an insanity loop for returning to the canard that drilling for oil is the solution to America’s problems instead of investing in renewable energy that guarantees to create jobs. Republicans are so devoted to the oil industry that they get excited over the prospect of cutting social programs to continue fouling the environment and providing subsidies to big oil. Then there is the Republican belief that tax cuts and deregulation are crucial to creating jobs.

The McClatchy Company’s survey of business owners showed that taxes and regulations are not the reason businesses are not hiring. The businesses and economic experts said that President Obama’s stimulus was the biggest boost to business because when people were working, they began purchasing goods and services again. Experts estimated that the stimulus created over 3 million jobs. However, Republicans are not inclined to listen to real job creators or economic experts because their diseased minds are stuck in the ideology that Americans want the same Bush-era policies that are guaranteed to kill jobs.

It is useless arguing with criminally insane Republicans because like all maniacs, their job-killing frenzy and poverty-inducing agenda gives them such pleasure they will never stop until they enslave the entire country to poverty and perpetual unemployment. Boehner, like all insane criminals, derives such joy at causing devastation and loss to their victims that he is able to stand with a straight face and propose policies he knows will destroy jobs as the solutions to Americans’ economic woes. No Republican can state empirically how cutting spending or the nation’s deficit will ever create one job, and yet they repeat the lie often enough that their supporters believe them as if it is reality. Adolf Hitler said, “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” Boehner and his Republican cohorts have repeated the lie that spending cuts, deficit reduction, and tax breaks for the wealthy creates jobs so often that it is believable to their ignorant sycophants.

Instead of delivering a speech to the Economic Club, Boehner could have instructed his staff to replay a speech from years’ past and it would have saved him the effort of repeating another lie in person. However, Boehner would not have felt the excitement and gratification of proffering a prescription that guarantees millions more Americans would sink into poverty so the wealthy and their corporations could maintain their Bush-era tax cuts in perpetuity.

Tens-of-millions of Americans are suffering now and millions more stand on the precipice of abject poverty and it surely pleases mentally disturbed criminals like John Boehner, but instead of showing any compassion for their predicament, he proposes policies guaranteed to cause pain and suffering so Republicans can experience stimulation. The Republicans’ contract for America has turned into a contract on Americans and like the criminally insane; the damage they cause Americans must give Republicans great joy. Adolf Hitler derived great joy from killing millions, and without interdiction, Republicans will eclipse Hitler’s crimes against humanity because like the criminally insane, causing suffering is what gets them off.

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