Scott Walker’s Job Creators Cost Wisconsin 2300 Jobs In a Single Month

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How’s that war against the public sector going for the uneducated Thug King of Wisconsin? Not so great. Remember how Governor Scott Walker justified giving public works to the Koch brothers, giving $2.3 billion in new tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy, while cutting the pay of teachers and union members because it would “create jobs”? Oh, and let’s not forget the hundreds of thousands of union members whose rights were torn away from them in an illegal session in the name of “shared sacrifices”. The job-creators excuse is getting stale and growing increasingly transparent over time.

So far, that little meme is an epic fail. In one month, Walker has cost Wisconsin 2,300 jobs, 800 of them from the private sector and unemployment rose this month to 7.9 percent. To put this in perspective, the Republicans claim Obama is a failure because there was an overall zero job growth last month for the country. However, when we parsed those numbers, we found that under Obama, we had private sector job growth that was zeroed out by public sector job losses, due in large part to Republican job killing measures of the public sector in numerous Republican led states.

So, zero job growth is an epic fail, but 2,300 jobs lost is a success.

Are you with me? It’s called spin. Walker’s administration is trying to claim that overall, they are doing better than the nation. But that might be because as Wisc Politics notes, “(T)he state’s unemployment rate had been holding steady or falling for much of the two years preceding his taking office.” Remember, contrary to what Walker the financial genius told everyone, the state wasn’t actually in financial dire straights; they actually had a surplus when Walker took over. A surplus that even his tax breaks couldn’t bust. They had a hundred million dollars plus of surplus when Walker went after the poor, the elderly, the disabled and the working class. They did have a legitimate problem with their Medicaid program, but they had a surplus.

One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross released the following statement:

“Another month, another rise in the unemployment rate under Gov. Scott Walker. Given that the Republican legislature gave Gov. Walker all the tax breaks for corporations, all the tax breaks for the wealthy, all the power grabs and privatization and all the dismantling of voter rights and workers’ rights he demanded, it is time for them to admit their way is a failure. Complete and total. We need to immediately scrap what they have done, erase it from the statutes and invest in the people of Wisconsin so that the people of Wisconsin have a fighting chance at undoing the historic economic damage the corporate menace which put Scott Walker into the Governor’s mansion caused. If Gov. Walker’s schemes were going to work, we would have seen some glimmer of hope by now as we pass nine months of this administration.”

Why did Walker do it? All of the spin in the world can’t obscure the obvious. Scott Walker is dumb-witted enough to be a perfectly dense puppet for the wealthy. He couldn’t make it through college, where he was busted for cheating in an election. The man isn’t bright.

I bring this up because what looks like pure evil is in fact the result of evil using the slow-minded to achieve their goals. After all, among the dwindling intellectuals in the Republican party, you won’t find many of them suggesting that lowering taxes on corporations and the wealthy is the only solution for a suffering economy, nor will you find many suggesting that we don’t need to increase demand in order to improve the economy. Demand comes directly from the working class having the money to spend to buy things. That money comes from jobs, not tax breaks for the rich.

No, in order to sell this disingenuous bit of horse manure sold as helping job-creators (a reincarnation of the previously failed “trickle down”), the Koch brothers need dim-witted thugs like Scott Walker and Sarah Palin. People so intellectually deficient that they don’t know what they don’t know, and can’t imagine that there’s anything to know. If you mix that mind set with a stunning belief of their right to power over others, you get Scott Walker’s Wisconsin. Just like Sarah Palin did in Wasilla, Scott is taking a surplus and destroying it with his ignorance and cynical allegiance to power instead of people.

And yes, I am suggesting that when it comes to matters of great importance, there are actually people who are smarter than others. Yes, education and/or an open and eager mind matter. Yes, there is an intellectual elite known as those who do not think they know it all and are wiling to learn and try new ideas and yes, they should be in charge over people like Scott Walker. Contrary to what the Tea Party’s intellectual resentment sells, executive office should be a meritocracy based on capacity to grasp complex subjects and handle cognitive dissonance.

The Teapublicans’ belief in their “job-creators” meme doesn’t go very far. It’s not substantiated with anything other than belief, just as you would expect from a cult. Sorry, but I’m calling bs on beliefs trumping reality and if that means I’m a snob then so be it. It’s high time we were willing to suggest that there be standards for office post-Palin debacle.

Compared to most of the nation, Wisconsin was actually in decent shape when Walker took over. They had a Medicaid projected shortfall, but they were facing a surplus. It hasn’t even been a year yet, and yet bleakness dominates the horizon now; corruption, convictions, FBI investigations, workers stripped of their rights while cronies are awarded high paying government jobs, privatization of the public sector, violations of Open Meetings Laws, tainted elections and more– all for this “belief” in the job-creators meme. That meme is a proven failure for the economy and for the working class, also known as economic drivers of our economy, which is why unemployment benefits are recommended by non-partisan economists especially during a recession and why Congress routinely extends unemployment benefits during a recession.

If these job loss numbers are good news, then what would Walker consider to be bad news? Maybe the FBI ramming down his door at 6 in the morning? Don’t think it can’t happen. The next time a Republican is running as a moderate, I hope voters remember Scott Walker, Rick Synder and Rick Scott.

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