How The Pro Life Movement Gave Us Citizens United

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Since the day Roe V. Wade was decided, the pro life movement has attached themselves to the Republican Party, who promised to overturn Roe V Wade and make abortion illegal in the country.

The “best” years to over turn the Supreme Court decision were the Bush years. In 2005 and 2006 President Bush appointed pro life justices to the Supreme Court. The composition at the time was in favor of overturning Roe V. Wade as it still stands today.

The Republican Party has consistently told pro life conservatives that if they support the party, they will appoint the justices needed to overturn the law. Has it happened, well no, for one simple reason, elections.

The Republicans will consistently use this issue to get their social conservative base out and support them. In the past, the religious bloc of voters were relatively split or inactive. There were those who felt getting involved in politics was not their “thing.” They felt that they didn’t belong, and these are the people that the GOP went after.

They now have a purpose and Republican Party is using abortion to make sure that the religious middle class person votes against their own financial interest and supports the GOP.

The other “conservatives” that I spoke about voted favorably toward the Democratic Party based on the need for programs that fought against poverty and sickness, a core of Christian values. But those who once voted for these core issues turned have away and focused specifically on the abortion issue.

Now I don’t want to get into whether abortion is right or wrong, but the point is, it’s the law of the land. I am pointing to how the Republican Party has manipulated good folks, who care about people, to vote against their self interests and other people interests based on this one issue.

What has the United States received in exchange for electing pro life politicians who promise to get rid of Roe V. Wade? We have the highest income inequality in a generation, we have deregulated businesses to the point where the financial sector is running wild and loose, and of course we also have the Citizens United decision, which gave multinational corporations a right to “free speech” that can influence our elections with unlimited, unaccounted, secret money.

You see, this was the game plan all along. They used an innocent bloc of people, gave them a reason to support the Republican Party and now they have instituted an ideological group of neo conservatives, who are hell bent on destroying the infrastructure and soul of our country. They promised to erase the evil of abortions, but instead are spreading their evil intentions of eliminating Social Security through privatization, voucherizing Medicare, so our elderly have to purchase their own health insurance, while hoping they are covered, and in some cases eliminating public education.

There really is no other reason why the conservatives in power have not overturned Roe V Wade. Especially after many states have made it almost impossible to have an abortion, and hoping it becomes a lawsuit and rises up to the Supreme Court.

The Christians that truly care about this country need to realize that they are pawns who are being used and abused for political gain.

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