Personhood Movement Abuses Democracy To Enforce Biblical Edicts On America

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There are myriad threats to any nation’s existence that do not all issue forth from invading armies or terrorist threats. Indeed, Thomas Jefferson warned that “banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies,” and since the Reagan era, America has witnessed that danger growing exponentially with every Republican Congress. In America today, although banking institutions and corporatism appear to be the greatest threats to economic freedom and personal well-being, they pale in comparison to a silent threat that is gaining momentum at such a rapid pace that without interdiction, the country as we know it is finished.  Financial institutions and corporatism are overt in their attacks on working Americans, but there is another danger, a covert threat, that Jefferson sought to neutralize by prohibiting religious interference in government and people’s private lives.

The rise of the Religious Right and Christian Dominionists has now become an overt threat that America must destroy before this country is ruled by religious fanatics intent on imposing biblical law on every man, woman, and child. The recent manifestation of Christian Dominionism is the attack on women and their right to choose their own reproductive health, and it has escalated beyond opposition to Planned Parenthood and abortion. The personhood amendment frenzy has taken a dangerous turn by putting bans on contraception to a popular vote in a Christian-dominated state that may set the standard for an impending Federal law that will affect every woman in America.

In Mississippi last week, the state Supreme Court rejected a lawsuit to stop a ballot measure (Amendment 26) defining a person as the moment of fertilization. The implications of the ballot measure are that abortion, contraception, in vitro fertilization, and stem cell research could be rendered illegal if the initiative passes. Mississippi’s highest court ruled 7-2 against stopping the initiative and said it did not have the power to review ballot initiatives before the vote takes place. However, in refusing to stop the ballot measure, the court revealed that it will uphold the proposed constitutional amendment when it passes. There is little doubt the ballot initiative will pass because Mississippi has the largest percentage (82%) of Christians in the country. Not surprising is that of 9 justices, 7 profess Christianity as their religion on the MSS official website.

The danger to women cannot be overstated because besides eliminating all forms of contraception, it sets a dangerous precedent for Christians to dictate their belief that women must subject themselves to a man’s will. Michele Bachmann has traveled the country telling audiences that she obeys her husband’s every command because it is what god has instructed in the bible. The male-dominated society yearns for the time when women were barefoot, pregnant, and serving their husbands by keeping quiet and blindly obeying his edicts. Under a constitutional amendment that bans contraception, women will have little choice but to abstain from sexual intercourse or face a life of perpetual pregnancy. However, under the bible’s rules, a woman cannot refuse her husband’s sexual advances so they are left with no choice but to remain pregnant; because it is a biblical edict.

That is what happens when Christians gain a foothold in government, and as the Religious Right infiltrates the courts, the Bill of Rights is in jeopardy of being eliminated in favor of the Ten Commandments. The three leading Republican presidential candidates signed a pledge that if elected, they would appoint Christians to serve as judges at every judicial level include the U.S. Supreme Court. It should not be up to any court to enforce Christianity’s saturnine rules on Americans, but that is where this country is heading. Proponents of personhood amendments are not forced to use birth control, and if they choose to remain pregnant and barefoot, that is their right; but to force every woman to follow Christian’s laws is reminiscent of Sharia Law in Muslim countries.

It is not enough that Christians impose biblical edicts on each other; their goal is forcing every person in America to follow the bible’s Bronze Age laws. Democracy is not intended for a religious group to enforce its will on the entire nation, and it is like having a vote to determine right-handed people are superior to left-handed or ambidextrous people. A majority will always prevail in an election and allowing Christians to force their belief that contraception is wrong on the rest of the population is inherently anti-American as well as being patently unconstitutional. Now, with Christians infiltrating the courts and legislatures, no-one is safe. History bears out that given power and influence, religious extremists are capable of atrocities of epic scale and proportion.

The Mississippi ballot initiative symbolizes the beginning of theocratic rule in America. There is a belief that Christians are good honest people and that may be true, but given the choice of supporting the secular Constitution or the bible, there is little doubt the majority will choose their religious rule book. Americans are naïve if they think a Taliban-style government is not possible in this country and coupled with herd-mentality, it is all but a certainty. It is ridiculous to think Americans actually believe that intercourse is human life, but Americans are proving to be ridiculous religious freaks or personhood amendments would have never caught on.

One thing is certain; for Christian extremists, the Constitution’s guarantee of freedom means the freedom to impose the bible on every person in America and any fool who does not believe that just needs to look at Mississippi’s proposal that every woman in the state follows a no-contraception mandate. The tragedy is that once the personhood law is upheld in the courts, it will not be long before the majority of Americans who are Christians will either abolish freedom of religion or ban contraception on the Federal level. It is no small wonder that every woman in America who is not a Christian fundamentalist does not flee the country because it is just a matter of time before they are forced to stay home, clean their man’s chamber pots, and stay perpetually pregnant; like the bible tells them to.

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