Culture of Life? Tea Party Cheers Death of Uninsured

Sep 13 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

During the Tea Party debate tonight on CNN, Ron Paul was asked if we should just let a hypothetical 30 year old without health insurance die, and someone shouted “Yes! to much applause.

Ron Paul then goes on to explain that in his “small government” fantasy, the churches would take care of this guy, or he would just deal with the result of his choice because that is “freedom”. So, a centralized church is OK, but centralized government is not. Of course, he never answers what he would do if the churches didn’t step in. Or if someone didn’t go to church because they were an American who mistakenly believed that the government wouldn’t dictate their religion by suggesting that only Christians would get medical help.

That’s quite some fantasy world.

But most interesting is the moral code. The Tea Party is mostly white and heavily Dominionist Christian. These folks are anti-choice, so they don’t think it’s OK for a person to decide to terminate a pregnancy but it’s OK to let a grown adult die.

I’m not even touching the pro-war stance of the Tea Party, but we can see that this moral code lacks continuity, grace, compassion and choice. It’s driven by white resentment against “freeloaders” and “illegals” and “baby-killers”.

This isn’t about Ron Paul, really, but about the Tea Party audience. I can’t imagine Ron Paul, a doctor, cheering the notion of letting a human being dying, though his notions for saving this hypothetical man’s life are dubious and sketchy. This is the same audience that screamed “Kill him!” at Sarah Palin’s rallies.

We have an enemy within us, masquerading as a political party, but no different than their origins. And those origins are the Klu Klux Klan, the Birchers, the McCarthyites, and now the Tea Party. Shame on CNN for giving this sham of a “party” air time. I don’t see them giving equal time to the Green Party or the Socialist Party. Why not?

Because those parties wouldn’t give cheap ratings boosts via disgusting displays of inhumanity.

The Tea Party culture of life narrative was brought into question during the Reagan Library debate when the audience cheered over Rick Perry’s 234 executions, but it died a certain death tonight with rabid applause to the uninsured dying as punishment for their “freedom”.

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