Rush Limbaugh Is Campaigning For George W. Bush To Be Added To Mt. Rushmore

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On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh voiced his support for adding George W. Bush to Mt. Rushmore.

Here is the audio from Media Matters:

Limbaugh said, “Yesterday the 9/11 memorials. A friend of mine observed this. This is true. What did Obama do? Obama went to a soup kitchen. 9/11 a day of service as though we’ve got something to apologize for. Bush, George W. Bush who by the way stands tall in retrospect. Ten years not one attack great statesmanship. If somebody told me today they wanted to put Bush’s face on Mt. Rushmore, I’d be in there supporting it. I know he got he got a pretty good. I saw the applause he got. It was well deserved too. I kept thinking of the miss me yet billboards that popped up all over the place.”

George W. Bush should be on Mt. Rushmore for what exactly, for ignoring the intelligence reports and doing nothing to prevent 9/11, for falsifying intelligence and lying the American people into war, for turning a surplus into a record deficit, for causing an economic collapse that this nation has yet to recover from, for secret prisons and torture, for treating the Constitution like it was a guideline and not the law of the land, for his administration’s response to Hurricane Katrina, for denying global warming and manipulating science, or just for generally being perhaps the worst president of past 100 years?

No, no, no, on, a million times no to the idea of George W. Bush being added to Mt. Rushmore. Why do Republicans keep trying to deify their unpopular blasts from the past? Currently, George W. Bush has a 35% approval rating, which is actually down a point since May. His disapproval rating is up 4 points to 44%. A majority of Americans still blame Bush for the current state of the economy, yet Rush Limbaugh is trying to get him added to Mt. Rushmore.

The same people who think that Bush was a great president are likely to support Rick Perry for the 2012 nomination. (Republicans can’t help but swoon over a tough talking Texan, and this is why Rick Perry is their Dr. Feelgood. He gives them exactly what they need).

George W. Bush’s presidency should only be placed on a monument so that future generations can visit it and learn to never make the same mistake. If they ever build a Mt. Rushmore of Fail, George W. Bush’s should be the first presidential face placed on it.

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