The Spirit of Flight 93 and the Power to Overcome the Politics of Hate

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Bill Clinton speaking at memorial for United Flight 93

Speaking at the site of an unfinished memorial for the victims of United 93 just outside of Shanksville, Pennsylvania, former President Clinton gave a moving tribute to the heroes of flight 93.

Video from CNN:

The former President reminded us of our joint venture as citizens of this great country, “…Your loved ones just happened to be on a plane. With almost no time to decide, they gave the entire country an incalculable gift. They saved the Capitol from attack. They saved God knows how many lives. They saved the terrorists from claiming the symbolic victory of smashing the center of American government. And they did it as citizens.”

Clinton and House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) are holding a bipartisan event to raise the $10 million needed to complete the Flight 93 National Memorial. Doesn’t Boehner know that he isn’t allowed to mingle with the evil Democrats? The Tea Party is going to come for Johnny, because there is no America; there’s only Tea Party America and the rest of us, enemies of corporate interests. The Tea Party, which has taken Poujadist pride in empty, jingoistic patriotism to its last limit, doesn’t really believe in America. They believe in Right America.

But it’s not patriotic to fall victim to the siren calls of darkness. We don’t have to agree, but we can unite in our love for this country and in our joint duty as citizens to serve this country and her ideals. There should be no great pride, after all, in blind hate. Blind hate is the drug of the less-evolved, the easily-manipulated and the fearful.

The Republicans use of the Tea Party and Fox News to divide this great country and pit neighbor against neighbor, until brothers are calling each other thugs for having a teaching degree, has irrevocably damaged the entire purpose of the United States. The first thing they do when they’re trying to destroy you from within is divide you while at the same time fostering an environment of perpetual despair and hopelessness. The anniversary of 9/11 only sharpens that feeling until it stands out in stark relief against the backdrop of a nation coming together to mourn and heal in the wake of a terrorist attack against our country.

Unity. United Flight 93. Heroes, working together to save the seat of American government. United we stand, divided we fall. I’m not sure there’s anyway to unite with people who are being indoctrinated to hate the “other” 24 hours a day by a wealthy media mogul whose interests do not lie in bringing America together, but one thing we can do is indulge our hope and optimism on occasion. After all, without ideals and hope, we are surely lost.

Let us not give into the visceral hate of a Sarah Palin speech. Let us rise above the lowest common denominator, the money changers, the robber barons and the corporate thieves and remember our humanity. Let us remember our lost faith in the goodness of our neighbor, who Right or Left could have been on that plane and would have surely acted to save this great country an attack on the proud home of our government.

United we stand. Something to ponder tonight, as we ease into the sober anniversary of 9/11.

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