The American Jobs Act Highlights The Difference Between The Two Parties

Sep 10 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

President Obama laid out a specific and detailed jobs bill, the American Jobs Act, that would not add a dime to the national debt and would immediately help the unemployed, the poor, and the middle class, along with giving a laundry list of tax deductions to job-creating small companies to promote hiring.

And it’s all doomed because of four key words that will stop even modest approval for the intractable Republicans: asking large corporation and the rich to “pay their fair share.”

That will, undoubtedly, be the reason that the bill is destined to die on the vine, but it is a good example of the difference between the parties.

Obama, and presumably the majority of Democrats, support (based on the President’s speech):

  • Extending unemployment benefits to the long-term unemployed
  • Extending payroll tax cuts to the poor and middle class
  • Providing tax incentives for small businesses to hire the long-term unemployed
  • Providing tax incentives for small businesses to hire veterans
  • Provide a summer jobs program for students
  • Rebuilding the crumbling infrastructure of the nation
  • Build a fuel-efficient mass transit system
  • Put more teachers back in the classrooms
  • Invest in school buildings

Republicans stand for:

  • Keeping loopholes open in the tax code that effectively allows the rich and large corporations to pay an inordinately small amount of taxes
  • Further lowering taxes for the rich and large corporations
  • De-funding social security, Medicare, and Medicaid

The Republican protests will be framed as taxing the job creators, too much government intervention, and adding to the national debt; however, it all comes down to those four little words.

We need to remember a few words of own, with elections fast approaching: What do you believe in?

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