Bill Maher Calls Sarah Palin A Coward and Challenges Her To Meet Him Anywhere

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On the Tonight Show, Bill Maher called out Sarah Palin for calling him a coward and said that he would meet her anywhere and talk to her.

Here is the video from NBC:

Leno asked Maher about Palin and he answered, “You know, why does everybody ask me this question? Everywhere I go people say to me, is Palin going to get in. What am I, the idiot whisperer? How do I know what this daffy broad is going to do from one minute to the next?…What I don’t like about her is that she calls me a coward. I’ll meet her anywhere. She won’t talk to me. I understand why, because I might ask her a real question.

Remember, she couldn’t handle Katie Couric? Was too much of a hardballer for her. Katie Couric who asked the gotcha question. Remember what the gotcha question was? What do you read? That was the gotcha question. It’s a notch above how are you.

The Maher/Palin spring/summer feud has quite a nasty history, but while others in the media and late night talk show hosts (David Letterman) have backed down when confronted with Palin’s attacks, he has not backed down from her. In fact, Bill Maher is calling her out. Sarah Palin found playing the victim, accusing anyone who criticizes her of pedophilia, and reinforcing conservative stereotypes is a lucrative cottage industry. (It is such a lucrative pursuit that Newt Gingrich has started to horn in on her territory during the last two GOP debates).

Bill Maher is right. Sarah Palin is a coward, and the odds that she will ever sit down and talk to him are approximately zero. The context of how Palin was mentioned on The Tonight Show is also telling. She wasn’t in the first segment. She wasn’t spoken about as a Republican contender. Palin was banished to the second half of the interview, and mentioned as part of a celebrity feud.

Finally, one television show has managed to put Sarah Palin in the proper context. Sadly, it wasn’t a cable news network or a major newspaper. It was Jay Leno’s stale chuckle fest that got Sarah Palin right. Bill Maher has Sarah Palin all figured out, which is why she won’t come within a thousand miles of ever interacting with Maher.

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