If ObamaCare Is Like RomneyCare, It Will Be A Job Creating Machine

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We have all heard the talking point from the Republican Party, that the Affordable Healthcare Act is a job killer. This is obviously a fabrication, especially if what everyone says is true that, ObamaCare is a carbon copy of Massachusetts and RomneyCare. The Massachusetts plan was passed in 2006, and since then the Massachusetts healthcare industry has been a job creating machine. In fact the entire Massachusetts economy is doing pretty well.

In Massachusetts healthcare employment exploded 9.5% per capita from December 2005- September 2010 beating the rest of the country by 4%. Healthcare employment during that time frame nationwide increased only 5.5% according to Bloomberg.

Just last month, in August when the net job growth was zero, due to budget cuts and laid off teachers, firemen and police, the healthcare industry added 30K people to their payrolls.

Researchers are also finding employment for doctors and nurses in Massachusetts has climbed 2.8% from 2005 -2010. This statistic flies in the face of the GOP talking point that doctors and nurses will quit if Obamacare is implemented. Additionally, administrative positions increased 18% just before the Massachusetts plan passed in order to be ready for the influx of patients and the hiring is continuing today.

According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, Obamacare “exacerbates expected shortages of physicians and registered nurses.” This is because the country will have increased patient demand, just like Massachusetts experienced.

The need for doctors will increase ten fold once Obamacare is fully implemented. There will be more people covered by health insurance and more people seeing the doctor. Hospitals will hire, just as medical software companies are already hiring across the country to get ready for the expected explosion in demand.

If Obamacare was really the job killer that Michele Bachmann and the rest of the GOP have claimed it to be, Massachusetts would have the highest unemployment in the country, which it doesn’t. It has actually created more jobs than just about every other state in the nation.

The best thing we could do for our economy is ignore the Republican naysayers and implement Obamacare.

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