Keith Olbermann Names Michele Bachmann Worst Person for Hoffa Hypocrisy

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Post the Reagan Debate, it became necessary to wash the crazy off with a little Countdown with Keith Olbermann — Worst Persons. I can’t impart to you the level of nuttiness on that stage tonight, but I can totally understand why Karl Rove et al are doing all they can to get the kids off that tea party meth the GOP sold them for the last two years. Oh, yeah, things don’t look so good for Rick Perry in a general election and that’s why the boys are all pushing Mittens forward into the limelight as hard as they can. However, the Chosen One did not shine tonight. Sigh. So, on to Worst Persons.

StarvingEyes Advergaming gets the first nod, but it really gets good when Keith takes on Rick Perry:

Keith explains Perry’s first place runner up for Worst Person, “2.5 million acres of his state have succumbed to a record wildfire this season, so naturally, the state is cutting 34 million dollars out of….the Texas Forest Service. 34 million over the next two years. A third of the budget. What gets cut? Probably the grants that give the volunteers that do 90% of the wildfire fighting their protective gear. That Perry! He’s a job creator.”

And then Keith charges forward to the climax of Worst Person Ever, and who do we have on that precarious perch? Who else, but crazy eyes Michele Bachmann of the Jesus Reagan Anita Bryant hair tonight.

“Our winner, congresswoman Michele Bachmann, fading presidential candidate, has begun to fundraise on the selectively edited comments of Teamsters President James Hoffa. Bachmann is of course concentrating on one phrase in here, we’re showing it in full, she and the rest of the lunatic fringe right wing have taken it out of context.”

(Roll Hoffa speech)

Keith explains how Michele is taking Hoffa’s comment out of context, and she’s really upset about the impropriety of the “Let’s take these sons of bitches out” comment. Olbermann then rolls tape of Bachmann explaining how she’s the “number one target of extremists” (I wonder when, if ever, the right wing will begin to catch on that they are being played by these con artist “victims”?).

Bachmann is shown saying, “We need to have your help for candidates like me who stand up for you and we need you to take out some of these bad guys!”

Oh, shiver me poutrage! Yes, take out those bad guys Michele! And then accuse the left of attacking you when you tell your deranged followers to be “armed and dangerous” and then…..yes, then…..cry victim and raise cash off of Hoffa telling working families to go vote.

And you thought the clownshow was all at the Reagan Library. Nope, these candidates can spread the clown all over the country while they play pray and deny on live TV. The talent, it burns!

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