Former Bush Official Says Islam Is Not Entitled To First Amendment Protections

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Jerry Boykin

We met General and Christian crusader Jerry Boykin, the former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, early in the beginning of the Bush era, putting down other gods as false gods, naming our enemy in Iraq not as Saddam Hussein but as Satan himself, and claiming that Bush was not elected by the people but chosen by God. Boykin makes George S. Patton look calm, cool, and collected. Oh, and George S. Patton was entirely sane.

Not so Jerry Boykin, who is a big supporter of the fundamentalist political theology of the 21st century, including, as Right Wing Watch points out, such stalwarts as Palin, Huckabee and Perry. Boykin appeared on Bryan Fischer’s show Focal Point the other day to renew his attacks on Islam, claiming that Islam is not really a religion but “a totalitarian way of life” (a laugh coming from a fundamentalist Christian) and that therefore (agreeing with Fischer) Islam was not entitled to First Amendment protections, and that, of course, no new mosques should be built in America

Watch the video from Right Wing Watch:

Fischer: What do you think we ought to do with regard to our immigration policies and with regard to issuing permits to build mosques in order to build mosques in order to deal with this threat, immigration and mosque building, what do you think we should do?

Boykin: Seal the borders and eliminate sanctuary cities and they’ll go home. No mosques in America. Islam is a totalitarian way of life; it’s not just a religion.

Fischer: Now how do you respond to the First Amendment? Now I believe the same thing that you do, we should not allow the building of any more mosques in America, everyone is a potential recruiting or training ground for terrorist activity. They will bring the First Amendment up, your response when people say they have a First Amendment right to build their mosque anywhere they want.

Boykin: If it’s a religion that’s the truth. But Islam, we need to think Sharia, it is not just a religion it is a totalitarian way of life. A mosque is an embassy for Islam and they recognize only a global caliphate, not the sanctity or sovereignty of the United States.

Jerry Boykin is an example of what is wrong with the Republican Party and with Christian fundamentalism. He knows nothing of love or forgiveness or turning the other cheek or loving his enemies. He is a man full of hate and vindictiveness and as small-minded as Bryan Fischer himself.

Americans need to ask themselves why Republican politics have to center around such things as Islamophobia. Is there nothing constructive Republican political theology has to offer? Is it all destructive? In the 21st century, the Republican Party is actually for only four things: the ultra rich and corporations, legislation of Christian “morality” and gun ownership. That’s it.

They are against everything else. Every platform the Republican Party supports is at its heart a diminution of rights, of those basic human rights enshrined in our founding documents. The Republican Party is about restrictions of freedom, not granting freedom. Don’t even think for a moment about the environment, our drinking water and the air we breathe or our children’s education or our health. Just think about this: If the Republican Party can succeed in legislating away the religious freedoms of the second largest religion in the world, we should be asking, what about the rest of us?

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