Healthcare Reform Ruling Will Be The GOP’s October Surprise

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The current composition of the United States Supreme Court allows the institution to influence the 2012 Presidential election as much as the court influenced the 2000 election. Since Citizens United ruling came down, we know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that this court is corporatist in composition and leans far right in it’s rulings.

The petition filed by Thomas More Law Center, et al, Petitioners v. Barack H. Obama President Of The United States, et al was docketed on July 28th 2011. The court doesn’t return to session until October of 2011 where by they will determine the schedule of cases heard. This is where political strategy comes into play. The court will not hear this case until they can opine on it as close to the election of 2012 as possible.

The reason I bring this up is because of this video by CNBC where an investor talks about what he sees moving the markets in the coming year:

After discussing the 2012 budget and the Republican primary, he mentioned the Summer of 2012 being approximately when SCOTUS delivers it’s decision on the health reform law. A decision announcement in late August or September will most definitely hurt the Obama campaign, if it is found unconstitutional. Which it very well could be. ( see Justice Thomas)

A 5-4 decision will most likely be the outcome. Justice Kennedy could be the deciding factor.

I can see the commercials now, President Obama looking evil with ominous music in the background, sneaking around in backrooms, then down comes the SCOTUS gavel on the health reform bill leaving red inked stamp reading “unconstitutional”

Now there is a chance President Obama can win, only if we all get active and ensure all of our friends and family understand the issues facing our country. This is why I am writing this article now. So people know we have an activist Supreme Court who will do anything in their power to ensure Republicans win. They did it in 2000 and they can do it again.

Just the fact that another Supreme Court decision can influence the outcome of an election is very concerning to me and it should be to anyone who embraces democracy.

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