Myth Busting Sarah Palin Expose Being Unleashed on September 30

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Just months ago, the myth-building version of a Sarah Palin documentary “The Undefeated” bombed so badly it barely fizzled. It was billed as the film that would allow America to know the “real Sarah” and fall in love, yet it was an impossible movie on almost every level. “The Undefeated” was a movie so cloyingly self-serving as to turn off even conservative Palin fan critics. The audience for the hagiography was more populated by press than actual paying customers, much like most of the Palin phenomenon. But now, just in time for the climax of Palin’s will she or won’t she 2012 Presidential tease, Nick Brooomfield’s hard-hitting documentary on Palin will hit theaters on September 30 — just days after its premier at the 2011 Toronto Film Festival.

Deadline Hollywood reports:

Days before its world premiere at the 2011 Toronto Film Festival, Nick Broomfield’s hot-button expose documentary Sara Palin: You Betcha! has been acquired by Freestyle Releasing. The plan is to open in New York and Los Angeles on Sept. 30 and roll out. Broomfield raised over $30,000 on the crowd funding site Kickstarter to support the doc’s release, with private investors kicking in more money to launch the film. Cassian Elwes made the deal with Freestyle co-president Susan Jackson. The doc, directed by Broomfield and Joan Churchill, is not a fave of the Palin crowd, and the filmmakers say it lifts the veil off her image as a former hockey mom as the former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate gears for a possible presidential run in 2012.


Broomfield’s doc unmasks a side of Palin unknown to the general population; for example, there’s a scene where she throws a blogger out of one of her book-signings. Gryphen from Immoral Minority wrote of Broomfield’s doc, “Nick also filmed the incident in Anchorage, where I was escorted out of the book signing after Todd recognized me and Sarah said: ‘Oh you are the one who is trying to destroy my children!'”

When Palin’s “The Undefeated” was released months ago, I wrote that the upcoming Broomfield’s documentary would drop a bomb on “The Undefeated” because it exposes Sarah Palin for who she really is, and that’s something Sarah Palin the politician/celebrity can’t afford, especially given her already dismal poll numbers:

“While Sarah Palin’s image rehab film “The Undefeated” debuts in Iowa tomorrow evening, another Palin film waits in the wings and this one has the potential to drop a bomb on “The Undefeated”.

Derek Malcolm of the Guardian once said of Nick, “If Broomfield took up wedding photography, the divorce rate would be even higher.” This is not the man you want helming a documentary of you if you are hiding under a perilously constructed myth.

Peabody winner Broomfield also holds numerous other prestigious awards, from First Prize at Sundance to a 2006 Bafta Award for his contribution to the documentary genre. If that doesn’t impress you, Broomfield’s filmography includes “Aileen Wuronos: The Selling of a Serial Killer”, “Biggie & Tupac” and “Kurt & Courtney”.”

I’m sure Palin & Co were hoping Broomfield’s picture would struggle as hard as “The Undefeated” to get distribution, but alas for them, it’s getting high profile attention at the Toronto Film Festival and now it’s been picked up for release September 30.

Mr Broomfield certainly has good timing, dropping his Palin bomb right around the time she is expected to announce, if indeed she does decide to heed the voice in her head that tells her she has been anointed by God to be the President of the United States. The one thing that really puzzles me is if for years Sarah Palin has believed that God chose her to lead the free world, what will it mean about her faith if she doesn’t run? Does that mean she’s not willing to do her idea of God’s work or does it mean she thinks she knows better than God? Or is it OK to be anointed and turn God down for a better, more lucrative offer, like Fox News?

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