Unmasking the Sunday Talk Shows: Wingnut Panel in Review

Sep 04 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Wondering what happened on the Sunday shows? Here’s the Wingnut Week in Review – A Wingnut Panel. Michele, Sarah and Ricky explain why only whites are allowed to run the country and how God loves them the best. Moderate Republicans flee while confused and angry Democrats continue to blame their party for failing to beat up the bully, never realizing that the bully is a terrorist who just doesn’t give a crap about the country. Meanwhile, independents and tired Americans buy the Republican meme that “Washington is broken”, helping the GOP push the country one step closer to its goal: Privatized Presidency.

You think I’m joking?

OK, so that was a joke; satire, to be precise (and for the wingnuts, it’s not satire when you sing “Barack the Magic Negro,” it’s blatant racism. I know it hurts and makes you mad, but no, you can’t change the dictionary). The real problem for the GOP is that this satire could be confused with reality because it’s no different than what these folks say in public, save for the honesty of their agenda in the satire.

Wake up, America. Stop blaming all politicians for the obvious goals of one insane, cult-driven party. Wake up.

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