President Obama Comforts New Jersey Irene Victims: It’s Called Leadership

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President Obama surveys Irene's damage and offers comfort

Your President urged Republicans not to “play politics” with aid to Hurricane Irene ravaged areas as he visited New Jersey today. Clearly he was aiming that warning at Eric Hostage Taker Cantor, who has said he would like a redoux of his debt ceiling debacle with emergency aid now being tied to the “budget” (this is code for how to take money from the people and funnel it to corporations, thereby privatizing the federal government).

President Obama surveyed the damage along the East Coast caused by Irene, which totaled billions and led to record flooding in New Jersey last weekend. The President declared New Jersey a disaster area last week.

You’ll notice Governor Chris Christie lurking in the background. I have to give Christie credit for praising the President on his response to Hurricane Irene and joining Obama in asking for immediate help for Christie’s state in spite of Eric Cantor’s plan to use the hurricane as a weapon for his terrorist agenda. I’m afraid Christie is out with the Tea Party now. He should know better than to give even faint praise to Obama and asking for help for working people (the enemy of the Tea Party). That move by Christie simply won’t be tolerated by the immoderate radicals now running the Republican Party.

And here is our President vowing federal assistance, as reported by Bloomberg:

“I want to make very clear that we are going to meet our federal obligations,” Obama said in flood-ravaged Paterson, New Jersey, with Governor Chris Christie at his side. “When one part of the country gets affected, whether it’s a tornado in Joplin, Missouri, or a hurricane that affects the eastern seaboard, then we come together as one country and make sure that everybody gets the help that they need.”

Obama, who also stopped in nearby Wayne, vowed there would be no slowdown in delivering aid. Christie, a Republican, has praised the federal response and told fellow party members in Congress not to hold up aid while looking for ways to offset the cost to the budget.

Locals were deeply moved by Obama’s visit, “It will go down in history,” said Charlotte Shepperson, 51, who waited for a glimpse of the president’s motorcade. “Someone cared enough from the White House to come here.”

In addition to Christie, the President was joined on the tour by U.S. Democratic Senators from New Jersey Robert Menendez and Frank Lautenberg.

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