Late Night Snack: Total Recall Heading for Wisconsin’s King Walker

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United Wisconsin is keeping their eyes on the big prize: RECALL.

Here’s the latest – they already have 200,000 signatures. They can’t recall until Walker has been in office for a year, and then they will have 60 days to collect the total number of signatures requires, which is over half a million — 540,208 signatures, to be exact.

NBC26 reported:

A Wisconsin organization is setting its eyes on recalling governor Walker. United Wisconsin says its mission is to recall Walker and Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch.

Organizers say they have nearly 200 thousand signatures so far. Walker and Kleefisch have to be in office for a year to be eligible for recall. Organizers will then have to collect over half a million signatures in 60 days.

While Public Policy Polling found that sentiment was leaning slightly less toward a recall for Gov Walker and the Lt Gov than it was several months ago in the heat of Walker’s attacks on unions, they also found that this slight shift wasn’t due to support for Walker, but rather a distaste for recalls. “A Walker recall is certainly doable, but it’s not going to be easy by any stretch of the imagination regardless of his continued poor polling numbers.”

Nate Silver still thought it worth the effort, and I suspect that by the time the year is up, the impact of Walker’s other policies will be more clear for people who may have thought themselves immune to “shared sacrifices”.

The game changer is if Russ Feingold runs against Walker in a recall. In that case, the odds for a successful recall increase substantially.

But either way, I wouldn’t bet against the spirit of democracy in Wisconsin. Nope. I wouldn’t take that bet. Solidarity for the People, forever. That’s what this country is built on.

h/t Thomas Bishop

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