Sarah Palin Iowa Tea Party Rally Was 1/50th as Big As the Wisconsin Protests

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Sarah Palin’s big Iowa Tea Party rally was only able to draw 2,000 people which means that it was about 1/50th as big as the Wisconsin protests.

The Des Moines Register reported, “The Alaska governor-turned-reality-TV-star-turned-conservative-icon made her third trip to Iowa this year for a Tea Party of America rally in Indianola, an event that drew a brave crowd of about 2,000 willing to sit in dripping wet lawn chairs in a driving rain.”

I suppose tea partiers and Sarah Palin’s loyal devotees will blame it on the rain, but the truth is that attendance for this big conservative outing was absolutely dwarfed by the genuine and truly grassroots Wisconsin protests. Back in February, over 100,000 people gathered in Madison, Wisconsin to protest what was at the time Gov. Scott Walker’s attempt to strip collective bargaining rights from public employees. This was not an isolated incident. On several weekends an estimated hundred thousand or more people turned out to protest.

You do remember that February rally, don’t you? It is the gathering that was ignored by all three cable networks, and unlike Sarah Palin’s little rainy day talking points monologue wasn’t carried on C-SPAN either. A gathering of 100,000 Americans protesting for their rights was deemed not worthy of coverage by the corporate media.

Sarah Palin’s rally was 1/50th as large as the Wisconsin protests, yet the media still insists on treating her as if she is worth coverage.

Palin still got TV time despite the fact that the new Fox News poll revealed that Republicans absolutely do not want her to run, and another poll revealed that 67% of Americans said that they would not vote for her. Still many in the mainstream media have bought into the fraudulent talking points that Sarah Palin is a draw, (she isn’t), the tea party is an actually grassroots movement (it isn’t), and that tea partiers aren’t Republicans, (they are nothing more than the Moral Majority/social conservative Republicans).

Sarah Palin was only able to draw 1/50 of the crowd that gathered on a winter Saturday in Wisconsin, but you won’t hear anyone in the mainstream media making this point. Real democracy terrifies the corporate media. Real people rising up and demanding their rights is a terrifying proposition for a media structure that would rather keep people distracted by irrelevant circus acts like Fox News employee and corporate media creation Sarah Palin.

The Beltway media keeps pushing the tea party narrative without realizing that the rest of us have caught on. The Tea Party is a sham, and Sarah Palin is a fraud. The mainstream media will always pretend like it didn’t happen, but the real grassroots power in this country is on the left. The election of Barack Obama demonstrated it in 2008, and Wisconsin proved it in 2011.

We don’t need television cameras and reality TV stars. We have our voices and our votes, and the power of both will be felt by all of tea party pretenders in 2012.

They may want to take their country back, but beginning in January 2013 we will take this country forward.

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