Focus on the Family Helps GOP Ruin Economy and Ruin Selves in Process

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Tom Minnery

It’s always nice to get a bit of good news, given how little of it we’ve had recently. With the fundamentalist blitzkrieg against Democracy, the Constitution, and social justice in full swing, finding out that a powerhouse Religious Right group is having money problems is just…wonderful.

Where Focus on the Family is concerned these problems are not new, but they are deepening. For several years now the group has been reducing its budget and laying off workers, and it needs 2 million bucks…like NOW.

According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, “Citizen Link [has sent a] plea for $2.3 million to stay afloat.”

Citizen Link, a Focus on the Family affiliate and a 501(c)(4), is the lobbying arm of Focus on the Family.

As the Gazette reports,

The email doesn’t have the drama of the late evangelist Oral Roberts’ announcement in 1986 that God would call him home if he didn’t raise $8 million by a certain date. But the message from CitizenLink, the lobbying arm of Focus on the Family, was nevertheless clear: Act now or there could be consequences.

Citizen Link says if it doesn’t get the money in the next 30 days “our ability to act on y our behalf will be severely, and perhaps irreparably, hurt,” wrote noted liar Tom Minnery, the same guy Al Franken eviscerated at a Congressional DOMA hearing last month. Minnery’s cry is “Help close our budget gap!”

How do you spell “Goody”?

Maybe Minnery can fake it, though that didn’t work out too well before Congress. He says,

“The threat is still very real. If we don’t stay vigilant, last year’s victories can AND WILL be taken from us!”

As the Gazette explains, the drop in donations is not unique – most nonprofits are taking a hit – as is most everyone else who isn’t rich or a corporation. In 2009 they took in $6.5 million in donations and in 2010 that fell to just $5 million. The 2010 midterms, the Gazette says, gave them a boost but that’s all dried up now. Minnery claims Focus on the Family helped put all those anti-American legislators into office in 2010. Maybe this is God’s displeasure showing? Isn’t that how we’re supposed to understand the workings of the universe – divine approval and disapproval?

Their budget for 2011 is $5.8 million.

Minnery calls the falloff “as puzzling as it is dramatic.” But the Gazette reports that “ John Green, a political scientist at the University of Akron in Ohio, said CitizenLink’s budget crises is not any different than those of other political groups after an election. A drop-off in donations during the lull between elections is typical, he said.” According to Green, “ CitizenLink and other nonprofit faith-based political organizations may rebound in 2012.”

“The cultural issues have not disappeared (for conservatives). They are just not top priority. But if the economy improves next year, these groups may be able to raise a considerable amount.”

Still, given their previous budget problems it is to be hoped that the fall off is more than temporary, with the result that America will stand an improved chance of survival in 2012. And ironically, if an improved economy is a prerequisite for a Focus on the Family recovery, this group of fundamentalists will only have themselves to blame for putting the wrecking crew into power in 2010. Suck on that, Tom Minnery, or to borrow a phrase, go make yourself some “We shot ourselves in the foot” lemonade.


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