Tea Partiers Join All Of America In Pushing Sarah Palin Out Of The Spotlight

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Even though Sarah Palin will be speaking at an Iowa Tea Party event tomorrow, the latest Fox News poll found that 71% of Republicans and 66% of tea partiers say she should not run for president.

The Fox News poll asked a simple question, “Do you think Sarah Palin should run for president or not?” Almost three quarters of respondents (71%) said that she should not. This percentage was only 9 points lower than Democrats (80%), and 5 points higher than Independents (66%). The big surprise is that 66% of self-identified tea partiers also do not think that Sarah Palin should run for president.

The opposition to a Palin candidacy is universal across the board. Seventy one percent of men and seventy seven percent of women say that she should not run, as well as 72% of whites, and 81% of non-whites. By age 74% of those under 35 say she should not run, along with 73% of those 35-54, 75% of those 55+, and 76% of those ages 65+. (Older voters are critical component of the Republican base. The fact that support for Palin declines as the age of respondents increases shows how little support she actually has).

Polling has found that tea party members have been expressing their doubts about Sarah Palin’s intelligence for over a year, but it seems that her constant diva like behavior has also taken a toll on her tea party support. Her recent temper tantrum because Christine O’Donnell was invited to also speak at the Iowa event is just the latest in a long line of episodes where Palin canceled or threatened to cancel appearances if she wasn’t properly catered to.

There was also her recent appearance on Fox News where Sarah Palin threatened to campaign against the House Tea Party Caucus in 2012. Her new lifestyle of private jets, millions of dollars, and bendy straws has sat not well with some members of the tea party who expected her to be out there helping the movement, not getting rich off of it.

We are witnessing Republicans and the tea party pushing back against Sarah Palin’s constant upstaging of the 2012 Republican field. The right is telling Palin that they don’t where her, and her cult of celebrity to run for president. Sure they like her, but they don’t want her anywhere near their 2012 field. They are putting her on notice that by quitting on Alaska, she ended her political career.

The problem for Sarah Palin is that her base of support and remaining worshipers idolize her because they think that she is going to be president. The entire cottage industry that Sarah Palin built around herself was based on the idea that she will run for president. If that is taken away, she becomes nothing more than a quitter half term governor, and failed vice presidential candidate. There is no upside. Supporting Sarah Palin is a dead end street.

Palin needs the illusion that she has a political future in order to stay relevant and profitable. Even though she is speaking at a tea party gathering tomorrow, the vast majority of tea partiers would rather hear from Rick Perry than Sarah Palin.

Republicans and the tea party are shining their spotlight on others, and Sarah Palin is being left to stand in the dark. Apparently, Republicans and the tea party won’t be following her there.

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