EmoProgs and Tea Partiers Throw A Childish Tantrum Over Obama Jobs Speech

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Every society has subcultures that espouse theories, abstract ideas and doctrines that may not accurately represent a country’s population, but because they are vocal, organized, and well-funded they appear to speak for a larger group. These subcultures are often populated by zealots and ideologues whose belief systems have as their basis unrealistic expectations and impossible to attain goals that guarantee a perpetual level of dissatisfaction toward common enemies whether they are other groups, government, or elected officials. America is a country of ideologues whose particular dogmata defines them as either conservative or liberal, and at one time it was simple to distinguish between the two extremes. However, in the past two years, it is apparent that although liberals and conservatives are allegedly diametrically opposed, the extremists on both sides share more in common than they would ever admit.

The ridiculous flap over scheduling the president’s address on jobs to a joint session of Congress and the nation typifies the similarities between neo-conservatives and the so-called professional left, and it shows the level of unfounded contempt for President Obama that is not unlike religious extremism; frankly, it is incredibly childish. It is unclear what the motivation was for scheduling the president’s speech on the same night as the Republican presidential candidate’s debate, but regardless of the reason, the president was correct in rescheduling it for the next day. By rescheduling the speech, President Obama avoided giving the debaters a forum and opportunity to attack his jobs message in real time, eluded a very public sophomoric squabble, and ultimately gets the last word in after hearing the positions and talking points of the Republican candidates. The president also comes across as reasonable, and as has been the case throughout his term is the only adult in a room full of petulant children. However, the benefits or motivation for rescheduling his speech are irrelevant; the reaction from the two extremes of the political spectrum reveals a level of disrespect that is common to both sides.

Although the Republican reaction and response to the president’s request was nothing short of a four-year-old’s tantrum, it was not surprising whatsoever. Teabag king Jim DeMint threw a typical rant and reproach that shows the right’s belief that Obama is not really the president. DeMint said, “If he has a jobs proposal, put it in writing, give us a cost estimate, and send it over. I want to read the bill, not listen to talking points off a TelePrompter. If he insists on playing politics by picking the night of the GOP debate, I will object to the session.” DeMint also said the president should watch the debate to learn how Republicans plan to create jobs. He said, “He will hear job creation ideas that don’t involve more wasteful stimulus spending, and he’ll hear ideas that don’t include job-destroying tax hikes.”

DeMint is so predictable with his teabagger rhetoric that he revealed the Republican candidate’s talking points that makes watching the debate a waste of time. Americans have heard it all before and it is contrary to conventional wisdom and viewpoints the majority of Americans hold; that a larger stimulus will create jobs and tax increases on the wealthy and corporations is the right approach to help the economy. But Republicans are ill-prepared to listen to economic experts or the American people so they parrot the same tired canards as a matter-of-course. The so-called professional left also reacted in typical fashion and regurgitated their pre-packaged criticism of the president.

Every time the president has followed the will of the American people who complain that Washington engages is partisan politics instead of working together to solve the country’s problems, far-left extremists criticize Obama for caving to Republicans. A comment on social media outlet Twitter typified the far-left’s reaction to the president’s decision to reschedule his jobs speech. The brief message was, “Obama obeyed Boehner using his ‘bullied pulpit’.” Many on the left have labeled the far-left extremists “EmoProgs,” and although the label is apropos, it does not accurately portray their dysfunction. The so-called EmoProgs are egocentric malcontents that suffer from self-importance and unrealistic expectations that all Americans share their ideology. Not only do they fail to acknowledge the country does not share their single-minded vision, but they lack an understanding of the power a president possess. It is expected that ignorant teabaggers lack rudimentary understanding of presidential power, but seemingly intelligent Liberals who think the president is a monarch informs their misunderstanding of the Constitution. They also lack a realistic understanding of the electorate.

The extreme left are laboring under the mistaken belief that all Americans are hard-left extremists and that the president is shunning the will of the people. The egocentric left either cannot or will not acknowledge that America is a right-leaning Centrist population that rejects the EmoProg’s agenda on principle alone. This is not an indictment of the far-left’s core beliefs, because their philosophy is shared by nearly all Liberals; but not all Liberals are self-important and lack understanding of American voters. Most Liberals also do not share the belief that primarying the president will “pull Obama to the left” or encourage him to award Bradley Manning the Congressional Medal of Honor, but then most Liberals are not self-important egocentrics either.

What most Liberals do possess is respect for President Obama and the difficult conditions he labors under with an obstructionist Republican Party and cowardly, unsupportive faction within the Democratic caucus. One would think the remarkable legislative achievements President Obama pushed through Congress in a hostile environment would be enough to win over the professional-left ideologues, but as petulant children are wont to do, nothing short of blind obedience will satisfy them. In that sense, EmoProgs are exactly like teabaggers. Regardless what the president accomplishes, unless he grants every wish far-left crybabies demand, they will continue showing the president the same disrespect teabaggers do.

Ideologues of any stripes are dangerous for their lack of pragmatism and fervent reliance on their own opinions as reality. Americans hold varied opinions, and most understand that it takes a pragmatic approach to govern a diverse population, but like teabaggers, EmoProgs are stuck inside their own little world and cannot envision America as anything but politically far-left. In that respect, teabaggers and Republicans are superior to the professional left and it is why they win time after time. The real left is fighting to win the center and they could use help from all hands, but all of the left is not on the same page. Perhaps if President Obama gives EmoProgs rainbow unicorns and lollypops for life, they will join the fight to save America. Unfortunately, the professional left adheres to an egocentric world-view that they can pull President Obama to the left and win their unicorns. It is unrealistic, but most ideologues are unrealistic, and when EmoProgs help elect President Perry, they will get a taste of what realism means and they will not like it.

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