Keith Olbermann Takes Down Steven Seagal, Joe Arpaio, Michele Bachmann and Mike Shaw

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Worst Persons

The Republican Clown Show is on full display this evening for your late night snack.

Worst Persons for tonight on Current TV’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann was a real round up of right wing wing nuts, from Sherrif Arpaio (Sheriff of Maricopa County of the pink handcuff fame) to Michele Bachmann (drill for God or some such nonsense) and down in the gutter with the Worst Person in the World, Mike Shaw (Glock Voter Drive).

We discussed Mike earlier this evening, he is the subhuman who went on CNN to explain how it was his right to raffle the same model of Glock that shot Gabby Giffords for a Get Out the Vote effort for Republicans.

A pause as we let that sink in. Now for the hard stuff, Olbermann points out that Mike Shaw did this in Pima County and Tucson is in Pima County. Stay classy, GOP.

After Mike Shaw it’s hard to find any joy left in the existence of human beings (to be fair, it’s highly probable that Mikey has yet to evolve from knuckle-dragger), but this is the role of court jester that Michele Bachmann was groomed for, and oops, she did it again.

Bachmann got into the clown show of worst persons for believing there’s oil in the Everglades and nattering on Palin-style about God’s endless resources provided for us to use and abuse until they’re all gone with nary a thought to stewardship. Drill for Jesus! And if you don’t want to drill, well, you’re a heathen atheist environmentalist nut job (aka: a rationalist).

I always found clowns vaguely frightening and now I know why.

Goodnight, you princes of Maineā€¦ you kings of New England.

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