Arizona Republican Justifies GOP Raffle of Glock Model Used To Shoot Giffords

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Arizona Shooting Tragedy Jan 8, 2011

Mike Shaw shamed himself today on CNN defending the Arizona Republicans’ raffling of the same kind of Glock used to shoot Democratic Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and six others in Arizona just last January. CNN’s Randi Kaye couldn’t seem to get through to Shaw, who is the Pima County GOP Chairman Pro Tem, that the raffling of this Glock at this time might be inappropriate. Mike couldn’t get off of his Don’t Tread on Me speech about how he had the right to be an utterly soulless thug. It never seemed to occur to him that as human beings we also have the ability to show empathy and compassion for others.

Here’s the video from Crooks and Liars:

David Edwards of RawStory broke down the exchange:

“Arizona Republicans are fundraising by raffling off, get this, a Glock pistol,” Kaye noted. “It’s important to point out that it is the same kind of gun that was pointed at Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ head and used to shoot her point blank.”

“Jared Loughner is accused of seriously wounding Gabrielle Giffords, killing six people, including a little girl and a federal judge with a Glock just like the one you’re raveling off, but considering what we know about the shooting rampage in Tucson which is the seat of Pima County, why raffle this Glock?” Kaye asked Shaw.

“It was the actions of Jared Loughner that happened during the Tucson shooting so Jared was the one who was responsible,” Shaw explained. “He could have used any type of weapon and chose to use a Glock — I think it was a Glock 19. We’re raveling off a Glock 23, which is a slightly different weapon. But, again, it was his actions that are responsible for what happened during the Tucson shooting, and so really the argument about what happened here in Tucson shouldn’t be about the weapon.”

“The founding fathers thought it was important that we would have rights in this country and a very important one is the right to keep and bear arms, one that Gabrielle Giffords believes in strongly herself,” he added.

Here’s Shaw’s line up of justifications: “It was the actions of Jared Loughners”, it wasn’t this exact Glock, this is a newer version of that Glock, the constitution protects this right, and Gifford believes in this right. None of these address the question of whether this was the right thing to do, morally or ethically. None of these insipid, juvenile defenses address the question of whether or not it is responsible to raffle off the same kind of weapon used just months ago in a horrific tragedy in that very same state.

Some of his arguments are fallacious; for example, the 2nd Amendment was created before we had a military for the purpose of defending the nation and in no way does it appear that the founders were picturing armed barbarians with assault weapons running wild trying to prove their manhood with very little brain matter to help them think before they pull the trigger- otherwise, why did they bother even making a government? This wasn’t intended to be a lawless country of vigilantism. Nothing in Shaw’s remarks indicates that he understands the reasons for these laws, the intent or the option of choosing country and civility over swagger on delicate matters. No one is asking him for his guns, after all.

But that’s not the point. The point is that Mike Shaw and the Arizona Republicans are Neanderthals without a conscience. These are the people the rest of us need protection from. They are the people the founders set this government up to protect us from.

CNN reported that the chairman of the county’s Democratic party said, “This is something that pulls a scab off of a wound.” He added, “And while local Democrats generally support gun ownership rights, Rogers said this isn’t about the Second Amendment–it’s about being insensitive.” Gee, you think? It hasn’t even been a year yet.

No one but the most morally vacuous of thugs could sit on national TV and hee-haw it up over this. It was bad enough when the Republicans wouldn’t denounce the their candidates’ and leaders’ use of “reload” and take “aim” at Giffords and other Democrats before the shooting. It was horrific after the shooting to listen to the Party make the lame, predictable and ethically-empty false equivalency arguments.

But now this.

There are some days when I truly can’t imagine who votes for these people. Who in this country will stand up and defend this behavior? What Republicans out there will defend this?

But shhhh, don’t answer that. I know they will, and I know their steroidal, fake cowboy sneers will make me even sicker at heart than I am right now.

Sometimes there aren’t any words. All I can think of is Christina-Taylor Green.

What is wrong with the Republican Party? Have you people no mercy, no soul, no heart at all?

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