Em-Tea: Christine O’Donnell’s Book Sells Only 2,200 Copies

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The sales numbers are in for Christine O’Donnell’s book, and they aren’t good. O’Donnell managed to sell only 700 copies beyond the 1,500 bought by her “supporters” read PACs and organizations in Delaware.

Here is Keith Olbermann discussing her sales numbers:

Olbermann said, “It sold 2,200 copies nationwide. Fifteen hundred of them to “supporters” in her home state of Delaware which means there were only 700 copies we can say with assurance were bought by actual readers. More over sales at Amazon and Barnes and Noble online were less than 100 copies each. The audio version sold 12 copies, 12.”

Olbermann also pointed out that Christine O’Donnell only drew 5 people to a recent book signing in Florida. No wonder it was so easy for mean girl Sarah Palin to get her booted off her Iowa tea party stage this weekend. Hey, Christine, there can only be one book selling fraud grifting the dollars out of the senior citizen tea bag set. To be fair, Palin was there first. They are her marks, and let’s be honest, O’Donnell makes Palin look like a mastermind.

Seven hundred books think about that for a second. How bad does a book have to be to only sell 700 copies? O’Donnell had plenty of national television exposure and comprehensive distribution, yet nobody bought her book. One almost has to be trying NOT to sell books in order to hit a number that low.

O’Donnell’s biggest problem is that she didn’t play the game right. Everyone from Sarah Palin to Mitt Romney knows that the way to get your book on the bestseller list is to have right wing interest groups, or your own PAC in Palin’s case, buy thousands upon thousands of copies of your book. Poor, little Christine O’Donnell actually thought that real people buy these conservative celebrity books. They don’t. Unless you are already locked into conservative mass media like Glenn Beck was, and Sean Hannity, and Bill O’Reilly are, the only way to make the bestseller list is to cheat.

Can we now say that the tea party is over?

Christine O’Donnell hoped to turn her tea party 15 minutes into a lucrative media career, but Fox News doesn’t want her, and it looks like she is going to be selling roughly 1,500 copies of her book out of the trunk of her car in the mall parking lot really soon.

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