Republicans Set To Go On Koch Fueled Deregulation Binge

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During campaigning for the 2010 midterm elections, Republicans promised to make job creation their highest priority and from the start of the 112th Congress to now, they voted to repeal the Affordable Health Act, assailed women’s right to choose their reproductive health, and proposed Draconian spending cuts to destroy nearly 2 million jobs. Along the way, the Republicans held the debt limit hostage to get more spending cuts and now that the summer recess is over, they are ramping up plans to repeal, reduce, and rein-in regulations to boost profits for corporations and further damage the economy and the American people. Thus far, Republican deficit reduction and spending cuts have not created jobs because that was never their focus to begin with, and now they realize the American people are on to their do-nothing agenda so they are working harder; to help corporations.  Their plans to end regulations and give more tax breaks to big business will not create jobs, but they will satisfy the Koch brothers and Heritage Foundation who instructed Republicans what corporations need to increase profits. The number one question though is; what is ending labor and environmental regulations going to do for the welfare of the American people? The short answer; nothing.

For the next three months, Republicans will attempt to pass legislation that guarantees Americans work longer hours for less wages, breathe polluted air, drink dirty water, and become equals with Chinese peasants. It is a recurring theme for Republicans to give preferential treatment to big oil and corporations at the expense of Americans’ health and safety, so their big plans are nothing new, but their contention that the economy and jobs will grow from their deregulation frenzy is just another in a long list of lies to trick Americans into supporting a corporatist agenda. Since the Reagan Administration, Republicans have claimed regulations are a bane to prosperity, and although their assertions are fallacious, they return to their deregulation meme as an act of obedience to their masters in the corporate world.

Eric Cantor, the vile Virginia liar, has sent a letter to rank-and-file Republicans alerting them that the House will target 10 major regulations for elimination, and will also seek to enact one major tax cut for business. Cantor’s plans, which mirror the Koch Industries’ secret policy meeting agenda, targets regulations from the National Labor Relations Board, the Environmental Protection Agency’s pollution rules, and regulations that affect health plans for small businesses. In addition, the Republicans plan a 20% deduction of taxable income for businesses.

Republicans are still pushing their lie that President Obama is purposely hampering job creation with unreasonable regulations that make it impossible for businesses to compete as well as burdensome corporate tax rates. Cantor announced the Republican plan to eliminate regulations that protect the nation’s air and water supply on Fox News. He said, “I think the administration has already demonstrated that it is not interested in focusing on private sector growth.  What our list demonstrates is: Washington now has gotten in the way, and we’ve got to make it easier, finally, for small business people to grow.” Cantor, a habitual liar, did not remind Fox News’ viewers that when the president proposed tax breaks and incentives for small businesses (fewer than 200 employees) that hired new employees, Republicans blocked the measure to restrict businesses from expanding.

The environmental protections Republicans intend to eliminate primarily benefit corporations that are responsible for particulate pollution, increased ozone levels, and greenhouse gases. It is part of a plan to encourage corporations to compete with China’s manufacturing sector that produces filthy air so more Americans with asthma and lung disorders suffocate as they go about their daily lives. There is also bad news for young children who are particularly susceptible to lung disease when they have a steady diet of dirty air from birth. It is interesting that Republicans, who tout American exceptionalism, are desperate to emulate Communist China that boasts some of the unhealthiest air in the world. However, perhaps that is the goal after all because Republicans and their bosses at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have envied China’s lack of environmental protections for a decade. If Republicans are successful, the dirty-air pictures from the Beijing Olympics will be the norm for America.

Republican assertions that regulations and high tax rates are devastating economic growth and job creation contrast the most prosperous economic period in recent history. During the Clinton Administration, tax rates were higher than they are today, and the EPA’s budget was increased substantially resulting in cleaner air and water, economic growth, and millions of new jobs. The Clinton economic prosperity came to a screeching halt when George W. Bush and Republicans went on the last deregulation and tax reduction frenzy. Most Americans remember what the last Republican round of deregulation caused and yet Republicans are eager to return to the same disastrous policies to enrich corporations. Republicans are like the proverbial dog that returns to eat its own vomit except they are taking the entire country along for another putrid meal that guarantees America will be like China. The Republicans are responsible for America’s poverty level equaling China, and they will not be satisfied until American wages and air keep pace with the communist nation. So much for American exceptionalism.

For Americans who love breathing unhealthy air and drinking toxic water, the Republican deregulation plans are absolutely delightful. The stupid Americans who enjoy working for poverty-level wages in unsafe environments will welcome the Republicans’ plans as well, but instead of coveting China, they should just relocate there now and get an early start on lung disease, low life-expectancy, and abject poverty. However, for Americans who enjoy clean air, water, and decent working conditions, the Republicans’ China-jealousy is a disastrous development.  Eric Cantor and Republicans should title their agenda; How to become China in the 112th Congress, because that will be the result of Republican deregulation.

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